Monday, November 7, 2011

I love money!

This weekend I sold some gold. I had a lot of chains that were too short, broke or just never worn. I also had earrings that were missing mates or weren't really my style. I'm been pretty strapped for cash lately so I decided to try and sell it.

I was really nervous. I had no idea about the process or if I would get ripped off. I went to the place that a few of my friends sold gold to. Which made me feel better. The whole process was fascinating. They checked every single piece to see how many karats something was. They would rub it on a stone and then pour acid over it to see how many karats it was. A lot of what I brought turned out to not be gold at all. I was surprised at some of the pieces.

In the end I had one pile of 14K and another 10K. Total sum of the two?


I was in shock!! I couldn't believe how much I got for it! the 14K I got $550 for and the 10K $150. They paid me in cash to. Which was crazy. I went right to the bank to deposit it.

This $700 helps me out so much. My credit card is officially paid off and now I have money to buy the rest of my Christmas gifts. I should have some left over to spend in Italy too! WHOO HOOO.

Also ironically, my car battery died yesterday, so that money came in real handy when buying a new battery! lol

Have you ever sold jewelry before?


Karen said...

I did it in August. I got over 2000 bucks. It was a great thing for me when before I got my first pay check.

erin - heart in ireland said...

Wow, that is awesome! I've never done it, but I don't have much real gold jewelry. But that is awesome your credit card is paid off! yay!