Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New PR for my 5K!

This past Sunday I did a 5K race. It was right near my home. There were 900 people running in it!! I saw so many people from high school there. It was great! The weather was beautiful. It was the mid 60s and no humidity. Definitely not weather I'm used to in NJ this time of year, but it was welcomed the day of the race.

The course was hard. Really hard. There were so many hills and the start of the race was slow because there were so many people and there was a lot of bottlenecking. Once I got going and was into a groove, I was okay though. Although after the turn around I had to run up this HUGE hill. Seriously it just never ended. lol. After that it was smooth sailing though.

When I was nearing the finish line I really picked up my speed. I knew I could beat my time if I just kept my pace.

Final time? 31:23!!!!!! I beat my last 5K by almost 2 minutes!! I can now officially say I am a 10 minute mile runner! I can't believe it! Especially for such a hard course. it's not normal to PR like that. I am so proud!

The first 5K I ever ran was only this past May and I finished in 39:55. Sunday I ran in under 32 minutes! That's 8 minutes shaved off in 6 months! I really can't believe. I never in a million years thought I could get my time under 30 minutes, but now I really feel like I will get there. And SOON!

I just can't believe I'm a runner like this. It's so surreal. Just a year ago I couldn't walk a half a mile without feeling like I would pass out, and now here I am, setting my sights on one day doing a half marathon! AHHHHH

Monday, November 28, 2011

Eating and Shopping (Two of my favorite things)

My Thanksgiving was wonderful. By Thursday my mother had calmed down and the whole house was ready for my family to invade. It was a great day with lots and lots of food. It was also the first year I didn't have to sit at the kids table! I am 27 and this has never happened. lol

I live in a ranch house. The dinning room and family are connected together. There used to be two little walls between the two rooms. Last year we knocked down the two walls and made the passage way wider. Because of this we were able to connect the dinning room table and the kids table together, so all 20 of us could sit and eat dinner as a family. It was so nice! No one missed out on any conversations.

I ate so much food though. I just couldn't stop myself. I was so full that I thought I may be sick. My mom made her famous pepperoni bread, there was spinach artichoke dip, and cheese and meats platter for our apps. Dinner we had turkey, stuffing (one with sausage, one without) sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe, green beans.... oh it was delicious. Thankfully I don't like dessert, or I may have actually gotten sick. My aunt made key lime pie and pumpkin pie, my grandma made apple stroudel and there were cookies.

It was a great day. But really long. I woke up at 7:30am to go to the gym and my family didn't end up leaving until 9pm that night. I was asleep by 9:30.

Unfortunately all that food caused me to have severe heartburn. I woke up at 3:30 in pain. I took tums but they didn't help. I figured since I was up, I may as well go shopping. lol. I was so sure that it was going to be packed when I left my house. My first stop was Kohls since I live right near there. I figured I would drive by and see what the parking lot looked like, before I would even go it.

It was a ghost town. I couldn't believe it! There was maybe 8 other people in the store. It was awesome! I got so many good deals, including a gold pair of earrings that were $300 marked down to $50 bucks. I got a Kitchen Aid Mixer for only $130 (after discounts and a rebate)!!! I've been dying to get a mixer for a long time. This was a great deal! Plus with the $15 kohls cash back I got like $105 dollars to use there this weekend.

After Kohls it was still only 5:30. So I headed down to the Jersey Shore Outlets. This was a little more busy, but I had no problem parking and was in and out all the stores pretty. The only store that looked crazy was Burberry. There was a line to get into the store and the line to check out wrapped around the store. There was no way I was going in there. But I got 50% off everything at Cole Haan and since it was before 8am I got an extra 20% off my total. Ann Taylor was 50% off everything. I got the most darling coat. So many good deals. By 8am I was totally done with my black friday shopping!

I had such a good experience. Later on in the day when I was driving around I saw that kohls was a madhouse. I am so glad I went before it got really busy. Me getting hearburn was the best thing to happen to me!! lol

How was your Holiday? Did you do any shopping for Black Friday? Online or in store?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting Ready for Turkey Day

Things at my house are crazy. My mom is getting everything ready for Thanksgiving and is in full melt down mode.

This happens every. single. year.

We have had Thanksgiving at my house for almost 30 years. My mom goes into panic mode a week before the holiday every year. Between the cleaning and the cooking she is a mess. I try to help out as best as I can, but she makes a bigger deal out of it than it is. She always thinks there are more things to be done then there really is.

So this weekend was crazy. I had to move a ton of boxes down into the basement, countless loads of laundry, help iron and hang new curtains we bought for my room and the living room. I had to go buy the liquor, some food she forgot and a larger curtain rod for the windows.

There was window washing, floor washing, shaking out rugs, cleaning toilets. It was a lot and I was exhausted. Got in a workout just from that!!

We got a lot done though and my mom is starting to calm down a little. It's definitely a tradition I've come to expect ever year. And honestly, the holiday wouldn't be the same without it.

I have a very short work week this week, so there is a very good chance I won't blog again until next week. I hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday if you shop!!!

I am very thankful for my health and happiness this year. I am so full with love this year, and so thankful to be surrounded by people I adore.

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I'm one of those people who love to get their Christmas shopping done early. That way I can actually enjoy the holiday season once December hits. I try to be done with all my shopping by Black Friday.

Well this year I have outdone myself. As of today, November 14, I am FINISHED with my shopping!!!! Jealous? lol. I can't believe I'm done already. I even bought all my cards for everyone. I'm so ahead of the game, I'm considering wrapping all my presents next weekend! But then I may feel kinda strange. lol.

The reason why I'm done so early is because with my brother and his family living in India, I had to mail out their gifts this week, in order to ensure they would have everything by Christmas. Once I got started, I just finished with everyone else.

I am really looking forward to the holidays. I love love Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and I can't wait for Christmas this year. I have cousins flying in from California that I haven't seen in at least 4 years! We are having a mini family reunion. We usually have around 20 people to celebrate Christmas with, this year will be over 30! It's going to be great!

Last night I even watched Elf on TV. I love that movie and it really got me into the holiday spirit!

When do you try to get your holiday shopping done?

Monday, November 7, 2011

I love money!

This weekend I sold some gold. I had a lot of chains that were too short, broke or just never worn. I also had earrings that were missing mates or weren't really my style. I'm been pretty strapped for cash lately so I decided to try and sell it.

I was really nervous. I had no idea about the process or if I would get ripped off. I went to the place that a few of my friends sold gold to. Which made me feel better. The whole process was fascinating. They checked every single piece to see how many karats something was. They would rub it on a stone and then pour acid over it to see how many karats it was. A lot of what I brought turned out to not be gold at all. I was surprised at some of the pieces.

In the end I had one pile of 14K and another 10K. Total sum of the two?


I was in shock!! I couldn't believe how much I got for it! the 14K I got $550 for and the 10K $150. They paid me in cash to. Which was crazy. I went right to the bank to deposit it.

This $700 helps me out so much. My credit card is officially paid off and now I have money to buy the rest of my Christmas gifts. I should have some left over to spend in Italy too! WHOO HOOO.

Also ironically, my car battery died yesterday, so that money came in real handy when buying a new battery! lol

Have you ever sold jewelry before?