Tuesday, March 31, 2009


First I was slightly disappointed that not more people asked me questions, but no worries!! I know that more people then usual read the post so I will take what I can get!! Now for the 2 that asked me questions here are the answers!

Miss Musing asked, “Do you spend any time in NYC? If so, what's your favorite restaurant, bar, museum, etc?”

Unfortunately because of my work hours and my commute I don’t get to go out in the city as much as I would like. However recently I went to a place called Porkys. If you are looking for a through back to your college days and miss being able to play beer pong all the time then this is the place for you! I had a blast when I went.

For great pizza check out Waldy’s. The oven is wood burning and the pizza is amazing. Thin and crispy and they have a tons of different toppings that you can choose from. Great place for lunch!

Erin asked, “As a fellow Jersey girl, what is your favorite thing about living here?”

This question was really hard because I love being a Jersey girl. What’s better then being only a short drive to NYC, Philadelphia and Atlantic City?? Or the fact that we have the best pizza and bagels anywhere, sorry but Domino’s doesn’t count as real pizza. Also I love how many famous people love to call Jersey their home! A few even close to my town.

My favorite thing about living here is being so close to the beach. Not many people can say that they live only 20 minutes for a beach. I am a beach girl and I wouldn’t know what I would do if I didn’t live near the water.

Hope you liked my answers!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Friday was a special day and I'm asking all of you to delurk and ask me some questions!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Blogiversary!!

Today is my Blogiversary!! One year ago today I started writing this blog. I cannot believe I’ve actually kept up with writing posts on a regular basis. Now that I’ve been doing this for so long, I can’t picture not doing it. It’s become part of my life and I love that I have a little space that’s all about me. In real life I rarely make anything about me, so I’m happy I can be a little selfish here.
Now since it’s a special day I’m here to beg you to delurk!! I know I have more readers here then people who comment, so please say hi!! Also feel free to ask me anything you want! I will be sure to answer ALL of them. If you have more then one question then ask away! Now I know that Friday’s is the place that blogs go to die, so I will ask again on Monday for questions!

Also I decided to tell you a few things that you may not know about me!!


  1. I mentioned this yesterday, but I was once arrested. It was for aiding and abetting. A friend of mine tried to use a fake ID at a bar around here. She got busted and was arrested. I went over to try and help out and got arrested for aiding and abetting. Not cool police. Even though I was arrested that night was actually a lot of fun. We were scared but the cops kept on hitting on us and I remember all of us singing along to our ring tones. After our court dates I ended up with only a very pricey ticket. Which was good.

  2. To this day though I still don’t’ know if I technically arrested or not. When it was happening they said no. I must have asked them a thousand times if I was being arrested and each time they said no. Then at court they said I was. Which one was it people?

  3. I’m a very emotional person. Just watching a sad commercial can make me tear up. I cry when I’m happy, sad, angry and sometimes when I’m just exhausted. Even though I’m emotional, I have a very hard time actually expressing my emotions to others. Which doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.

  4. I have gone out with THREE guys named Jason. I don’t know what it is but it seems to be my lucky name. My first kiss was a guy names Jason, the guy right after him was named Jason, and the first guy I dated in college was named Jason!

  5. I love listening to the oldies!! I blame it on my mom because it’s the only I ever listened to when I was younger. Out of all my friends I’m probably the only person who can sing along to Motown without missing a beat! Also I love watching old movies and TV shows. Singing in the Rain and I Love Lucy are defiant all-time favorites of mine. People always tell me I was born in the wrong decade.

  6. Speaking of music. I don’t listen to only one genre. I don’t believe in limiting myself. I listen to everything from Alternative to R&B to Oldies. Same goes with movies. I love seeing all different types of films. My family hates all the movies I get with my Netflix. I told them to get their own subscription.

I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into my life and please ask me some questions!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

When did I become so responsible?

I decided not to go. Even though the trip sounded amazing, deep down I didn’t want to go. There are million reasons why, but when it came down to it, it just didn’t feel right. I’ve learned a long time ago to always trust my gut feeling about things. Last time I ignored it bad things happened, like me getting arrested (another post for a different day) or getting into a car accident. My instincts are usually right on, so better to be safe.

What really made me confident in my decision was the second I said no I felt relief. Which goes to show that this was the best decision for me. My friend on the other hand is really angry with me. However I won’t change my mind because she’s mad, I have in the past, she’ll just have to get over it. Which I know she will, I just have to give her space.

It’s so weird how much you change but don’t realize it. If this had been last year, you better believe I would be packing up my bathing suit right now. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Now, the first the things that pop into my mind are, how much will this cost? What about work? Do I really want to use up my vacation days so early in the year? What about transportation? Isn’t Mexico in a drug war?

I guess that’s what happens. All of sudden you’re an adult and there’s no turning back. No matter how much you try.

Anyway it’s not like I won’t be going away this year. I’m already planning a trip to Florida this summer and a few other excursions that will most likely happen this year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spur of the moment

I am defiantly not a spontaneous girl. I’m the person that plots things out way ahead of time and when things don’t go according to plan I freak out a little.

Today a huge opportunity for me to actually be spontaneous came up and now I’m stalling because… well I don’t really know why I’m stalling. Here’s the deal.

My friend invited me to go to Mexico. We would leave THIS Saturday. It is a really great deal, flight and all-inclusive resort for around $1,100. I mean who wouldn’t want to drop everything and go to a beach with 85-degree weather?? Well apparently this girl.

Here’s what is holding me back.

I am supposed to go to see my college friends this weekend and they all got tickets to a dinner/theater. While it was only 20 bucks I would feel terrible about bailing out at the last minute. Plus I haven’t seen then in so long. Does this make me a horrible friend?

Also I wouldn’t really know anyone on this trip. Besides my best friend and one other girl who I don’t really like. I can occasionally be super awkward when meeting new people.

While it is a good deal, I’m not sure I want to be spending that much money right now.

I would be leaving my boss in a jam, but not so bad that I couldn’t make it work.

I still have a new puppy at home, and I would actually miss him a lot. I’m like a new mother.

So here I am sitting going back and forth about what I should do. I am terrible at making decisions, especially when there is a time limit. I don’t want to make the wrong choice and miss out on something great. I’m just so lost and confused.

What would you do????

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Woke up this morning not being able to move. I must have slept wrong last night and now my back is killing me. It actually hurts to breath!!!

I've taken Advil, tried some stretches and nothing is helping.

Does anyone have any other ideas of what i can do?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pet Peeves

Do you know what I hate? When people try to write a post in the style of Carrie Bradshaw. WTF people? She’s not even real!!!! If you are going to try and emulate someone, why not choose a REAL writer.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Sex & the City as much as the next person but I’m sick of reading post after post of people who try and write/ponder like the character. Just get real with me people. I don’t care if you are a bad writer. I’m not reading to judge you’re writing, I’m reading because I like you. Stop with the fa├žade.

Thankfully most people I read and comment on don’t do this, but there are a few that get under my skin and I’m very close to unsubscribing.

Also while on the topic of writing, do you know how people will write a post and then a type a word but there is a line through it and then type the “real” word next to it? For the life of me I cannot figure out how to put a scratch through a word. Can anyone tell me how to do this???

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where real life meets blog life

This year Blogher is going to be in Chicago. A city I’ve always wanted to visit. However there were a lot of issues that was preventing me from signing up to go. One was the cost. I wasn’t sure if I could swing paying for the flight, accommodations and the pass for the event. Two I feel like only serious bloggers go to this thing. Would I feel out of place with my little ol’ blog?

Finally no one in my real life knows I blog. What would I say to them? Hey I’m going to Chicago by myself randomly for 3 days. I would have to tell them about my blog and then I would get pestered about my blog and I would get paranoid about someone I know finding my little space on the web.

Either way there were a lot of factors, and by the time I decided that maybe I should go and expand my horizons only one day of the conference was left to purchase. I don’t think it would be worth it to go all that way for just one day of stuff.

Maybe next year it will be held someplace closer to me so I won’t feel so weird about going. Plus the cost would be much less. Also I wanted to maybe try and go to the 20 something blogger meet up but that’s on my birthday weekend so that’s a big no for this year.

I’m almost positive I will still be blogging next year and hopefully I won’t feel so awkward about going to these things!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Run Down

I still feel like I have nothing good to blog about lately, however I don’t want to stop blogging all together. I have to make myself write posts. It’s better for me when I write out whatever is going on in my life, however boring it may be.

Plus it drives me insane when a fellow blogger that I read just disappears. At the very least I think these people should give an FYI that they are abandoning their blog.

I decided to do a little update on my life in bullets.

  • Today is St. Patrick’s Day, which for most people means drinking and having a good time. For me, it means having to deal with those drunks on the train to and from work. I can’t stand how rude people can be on the train to begin with, throw in some booze and they are unbearable. Take a later train and leave us commuters be!!
  • I recently moved my desk at work and it is the opposite way of my old desk which is completely disorienting my. I’m slightly OCD when it comes to certain things and with my old desk I had a system in place that worked very well for me. Now with this new location everything is backwards and I’m having a hard time finding my rhythm. I know that may seem dumb but you’d be surprised just how much it throws you off.
  • However I am loving my new location. Sitting near my team makes me feel like I belong again. Also I sit near my old work spouse and now have a person I can chat with on a daily basis.
  • I am going to visit my friends from college in a few weeks. I can’t wait. It’s been a few months since I’ve seen them and it will be good to catch up and go out with them.
  • My Aunt has very generously offered for me to stay in her condo in Florida for a week. She won’t be staying there this summer and thought it would be a waste if no one used it. That just warms my heart when people do such kind things like that. Plus, now I can defiantly go on vacation somewhere and will save a lot of money because I won’t have to pay to stay somewhere! Now I just need to figure out when I will be going.

Are you making any vacation plans yet? If so where are you going?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Commute from hell

Dear NJ Transit,

For the past 2 weeks you have cause me nothing but headaches. Is it possible for you to stop messing up and run on time for once? It’s bad enough when I’m late for work because I was stuck on the train for 2 hours, but canceling my train home the other night was NOT cool. I had to wait 30 minutes for the next train that was a local and 20 minutes longer then my normal train.

I get home from work late enough, I would much appreciate it if you could at least make an effort to not make it any later.


Can’t stand getting home from work after 9 pm

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What’s in a name?

Who knew that so much drama could happen with naming a dog? My family apparently hates the name Winston, which by the way my mom came up with but now hates. We went back to the drawing board to get a new name and basically have yet to reach a decision.

We want a unique name for the dog and everyone has to agree. Well that’s not easy.

Here are some names that have been vetoed. Baxter, Archie, Augustus (Gus), Roscoe, Dexter, Dante, Caesar, and so many more.

My mom doesn’t really care either way what we call him. It’s my brother that’s giving me a problem. Since he decided that he does like the dog, he is now adamant about being apart of the dog naming process. Back and forth we go all day long about this. I want to get a name so I can finally get this dog a tag for his collar.

Our newest choices? I like the name Bruno. He likes Fabio. However he also kinda likes Bruno too. I’m hoping to sway him somehow.

What do you think of these names? Do you have any recommendations?

When we finally reach a decision I will let you know!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Love!!

Thanks to Erin at and her heart it is in ireland for giving me a blog award!! I love Erin's blog a fellow Jersey girl currently living in Ireland. I love reading about her adventures in Ireland, it reminds me about when I studied abroad in London and all the traveling that I did! It also makes me super jealous that she actually gets to live and work where she studied abroad!

Here is the award:

Love YA Award!

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers."

Thanks again Erin!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I kinda got a dog this weekend! It wasn’t planned or anything. On Friday I came home and there was a dog in my house. Turns out the woman who gave us our one dog Sammy just couldn’t handle the amount of dogs she has at the moment. She asked my mother if we could watch over him for a while to give her a break, aka keep him. She’s a breeder and not a lot of people are buying $1200 dogs at the moment.

At first I was really mad. My mom is such a pushover and anytime a person asks for a favor, even a big one like this, she does it. That’s why this woman asked my mom. I had every intention of making my mom return the dog today.

However, I kind of fell in love with this dog.

First of all this woman did not take care of him. He’s only a few months old and I don’t think she ever gave this dog a bath or a cut. His hair was super long and all matted and mangy looking. He smelled like stale smoke and his ears were so dirty that we actually thought he might have mites. I brought him to my aunt’s house and she helped clean him up. It took almost 2 hours just to cut his hair it was so bad. Then we gave him a bath and cleaned out his ears.

He looked like a totally different dog! What was once white hair that looked almost gray was sparkling. He no longer smelt like a bar and his ears looked healthy and there were luckily no bugs present!

Over the weekend we really bonded. I took him to the park and to the beach and he just became my shadow. Everywhere I went this dog followed. When I would leave he actually started to cry. My mom told me he would run from room to room looking for me! How could I give him up?? Plus, I was defiantly NOT giving him back to the lady.

Now the dog is officially mine and I am obsessed. It killed me to leave him to go to work today. So far though he has been so good! No accidents in the house, yet, and he is super quiet. He is a total mush and will lay on your lap forever.

P.S. I named him Winston! As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures from my new camera I will post a picture!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The sign of the times

The company I work for laid off a bunch of people yesterday. It was bound to happened sooner or later, we’ve all noticed the drop in the amount of work we had. Thankfully, my job is still securely intact but I do feel bad for the people who were let go. It also makes me even more grateful that I got a raise at all this year.

I have also put the whole job search on hold for a while. All the websites that list jobs don’t have very many listings and now is not the time to be trying to move to a different field. I just have to wait for things to pickup before I start actively looking again.

For now I’m just going to concentrate on the job I have and not give my employers any reason to want to let me go. In reality I should have been the one to go yesterday because I’ve been here the least amount of time. Thankfully my boss went with who does their job better and I was able to keep my job.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

Yesterday my town, well the whole state, got a lot of snow. It was crazy. It’s March and we got over 8 inches of snow. Since the weather was bad, my street wasn’t plowed and the trains were all messed up, I decided to just take a personal day and not go in.

While it was nice to have the day off, I did go a little stir crazy. I couldn’t leave my house so I felt like a prisoner and there was nothing good on TV. I made due watching some of my DVDs and reading, but in all honesty I would have rather gone into work. I hate wasting a perfectly good day off. That’s a day I could have used in the summer time to hit the beach.

Oh well. I still have a good amount left for the rest of the year. I just have to be a little more careful with using them.

P.S. My dog couldn’t walk in the snow it was so deep. Most of his body was buried in it. It was the cutest thing ever and he loved jumping around in it!