Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Snapshot

This weekend was a blast!! I had so much fun with my friends who came up to visit! It was just what I needed.

Friday I saw Harry Potter and I may or may not have cried during it. lol. It was great!!!

Saturday spent the day at the beach, playing in the ocean. Afterwards my friend had a BBQ and some drinks. Where I played flip cup terribly. Then we went out for the night and I danced my butt off!! It was so much fun!

Sunday we went back to the beach for a few hours. I was sad to have my friends leave, but so happy they made the trip up the NJ. Plus I wasn't too sad, because I have my niece to play with for the rest of the week!!

Seriously, I can't even take how cute she is!

Enjoying some yummy pasta!

Now I just have to make it through work tomorrow and I get the rest of the week off!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Longest week ever

Always around this time a year I get antsy. I just need a break from work and relax!! It seems everything and everyone is getting on my last nerve. I hate being snippy like it. I try to go on vacation to recharge my batteries but that just wasn't in the cards for me this year. Instead I'm doing a mini staycation next week!

First up this weekend two friends from college are coming up to visit. My BFF's friends from college are also coming down for the weekend. In total there will be about 15 people! I cannot wait to see everyone! My bff friends are my friends too. We've gotten to know each other really well over the years. Last year we had a similar gathering and it was a blast. I hope this will be a repeat.

Most people aren't coming down until Saturday. One girl is coming Friday and the plan is to go see the Harry Potter movie together. Which has been our little tradition together.Saturday will be beach all day, followed by a BBQ and then going out for the night. Sunday if we are up for it, we'll hopefully go to the beach for a few hours before everyone heads home.

Then I have to work Monday and Tuesday. Boo. Then I'm off Wednesday through Friday! My niece will be back up for the week. I can't wait to spend time with her. I plan on taking her to the beach for the very first time. I also plan on taking her to this kiddie water park that's nearby. She just loves the water. Which is amazing for someone who's just 13 months!

Hopefully this weekend and those few days off will be just what I need! Until then, I'm counting down the days and hours until Friday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Snapshot*

My view from the beach this weekend!

*Do you like this weekend snapshot thing? This is the second time I've done it. I think it's a good alternative to just recapping my weekends, which can seem redundant sometimes I think.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I can see the finish line!

Since my birthday, I've been indulging a little too much with food than I would like. Even though I've lost a lot of weight, I'm not quite where I want to be yet. I would like to lose about another 40 pounds. It's frustrating to basically lose a whole person and still have to lose more weight!

To get myself back on track I've set up some mini goals to hit. The first is to lose 20 pounds by September 10. Me and three other women at my gym came up with this together. We figured it was a decent period of time and September 10 is the date of a local PBA beach party that we are all going to. So the party would be our reward for a job well done. Well my trainers found out about our pact and ran with it. Now there are I think 12 of us doing this 20 pound challenge. Whoever loses 20 pounds first, the gym will buy our ticket for the party! Now that's some really good motivation! Plus it actually boggles my mind that when I lose this 20 pounds, I'll be smaller than when I was a senior/junior in high school!!

I would like to hit my goal weight, by Thanksgiving. Which means if all goes according to plan, I will need to lose about 18 pounds after September 10. I know I can do this! I just need to buckle down again and stop going out so much! The past few weekends I've been going out way to much and drinking more than I should be. I've become a social butterfly since losing all this weight! lol. While I love that I have a much more active social life, I need to find a balance.

Now my only problem is I don't have a reward for when I finally reach my goal weight by Thanksgiving. I'm thinking it needs to be something big! I mean it has to be! By Thanksgiving if all goes according to plan, I'll have lost almost 140 pounds!

Here's what I've been thinking about what I should do.

1. A trip somewhere with friends. I've never been to Vegas and I'm dying to so that would be the first place I'd want to go.

2. A new tattoo. I really want to get a tattoo of a Phoenix. I love the symbolism of rising from the ashes.

3. A huge shopping spree (like $1000 worth) ala "What not to wear" style.

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas?? What would you do?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Snapshot of my weekend

This pretty much sums up my weekend. Lots of sun and fun. One day at the pool with my pups and the next day I was at the beach all day. It was the perfect lounge in the sun weekend.

Bonus, I got very little sunburn!! SCORE!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love long weekends

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Mine was great. A nice little break from my normal routine.

Saturday I participated in a bar crawl. It was a little insane. It started at one and I didn't go home until 10 that night!! NINE hours. I was dying toward the end and there were so many people there older than me that kept on going! I can't handle that. I had one drink at each place, and at some I shared with a friend. Other people were downing like 3 drinks at each bar! CRAZY! It was really fun but a whole lot of walking. We covered over 3 miles of bars. lol.

Also the last bar we were at was outside on the bar and we got to see fireworks that were happening in another town over. It was the best view! That was a really nice ending of a long day.

It was a great day. Sunday I had plans on going to the beach, so I was a little upset when I woke up to pouring rain. However it was also kinda nice that it was raining. I was able to just chill out at home and not be pressured to go out. I needed a good rest day. Monday was still pretty cloudy, but the afternoon was great and I spent the day by my friends pool.

I am crazy pale right now. I usually have a little tan by now, so I'm not used to this. lol. I know the sun is bad for me, but I need a little color. I'm hoping that the weather is good this weekend and I can finally head to the beach. I live 10 minutes away and haven't been able to go once yet!

How was your long weekend? Catch any fireworks or sun?