Thursday, January 20, 2011

Only 4 days left!

I leave for India in 4 days!! I can't believe that it's so close! Usually around this time I would start to panic about the upcoming trip. I tend to get bad anxiety whenever I travel, but right now I find myself excited and not anxious at all. It's a weird feeling.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm a little nervous about being in a new country and the culture shock that will go along with it. But that's normal. Whenever you go somewhere and don't really no what to expect, it's totally normal to get a little nervous about that.

My crazy abnormal freak outs are not there though. Me thinking about every possible thing that could go wrong, worrying about fitting in my plane seat, and so many other things that would plague me in the days leading up to me leaving are just gone.

I don't know what's change, but I like it. Maybe it's because of the weight loss and my increase of self confidence. I feel the same way I did when I studied abroad. Nervous but really really excited!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 day Weekend

Hope you all enjoyed your 3-day weekend! Mine was really nice and a great little break from the normal.

On Saturday I went done to Maryland to visit some of my friends from college. I hadn't seen them since the summer and it was a much needed visit. My one friend is about 3 months pregnant so I was excited to see her and her little baby bump. My other friend got engaged on Christmas Eve and she asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding!!!! I am soo excited that she asked and I get to be apart of her day.

It was a fun day of shopping, watching the Ravens game (boo they lost) and then going out to dinner. We followed up by playing Apples to Apples at my friends house until late at nice. It wasn't anything crazy, but it was so much fun. I was just happy to see my friends and catch up on our lives.

Sunday I made it home before the Jets game and went out to a local bar to watch the game. Holy crap was it a good one!!! I'm soo happy the Jets won!!! Whoo hoo. I really hope they make it to the Super Bowl. I thought they bar we were going to was going to be packed, but it wasn't that bad. We got a high top table and was able to watch the game comfortably. Plus the beers and food tasted great. lol.

Monday was spent resting up from the weekend and relaxing. Then I had to go to Target to get some toliet trees for my trip and I finished out the day with a trip to the gym and a dentist appointment. No cavities!! yay!

How was your long weekend?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's almost here!!

I can't believe that in less than two weeks I'm going to India!!!!

It still hasn't really hit my yet. I keep on forgetting that it's this soon. I have so much I still need to get together and I need to start making my packing list. Right now is there "cold season" but by cold they mean the high 60s and 70s. Which to me means short sleeved, but my sister in law says she wears sweaters and stuff. Ugh. I hate not knowing what kind of clothes to bring.

My plan for now is to layer layer layer.

The other problem I have is since I've lost so much weight since the summer, my summer clothes are way too big. I'm hesitant to buy a lot of summer clothes because I plan on being even smaller by the time actual summer here rolls around.

I know that doesn't really sound like a problem. Ohh boo me for having to buy smaller clothes. wahhh. lol. But I'm trying to save money and would like to not waste money on something I won't be able to wear after a month.

So any suggestions on how to pack for my trip???

Monday, January 10, 2011

On the mend

The surgery went well on Friday. No problems, just a whole lot of pain. I didn't think it was going to be as painful as it was. I guess I just didn't really know what to expect from the surgery.

My doctor did say that my gallbladder needed to come out, it was very inflamed. So hopefully I won't be having any more stomach issues now. The whole weekend was spent in bed or on the couch. What sucked for me is I like to sleep on my stomach and for the first 2 nights that just wasn't an option. I was so uncomfortable and in so much pain that I barely slept. I woke up every hour.

Thankfully last night was the first night I actually slept and I felt a lot better today. I wish I didn't have to go to work today, I could have used another day home, but I am happy to be out of the house. I'm starting to feel back to normal and I hope in a few days the pain will be gone.

I have 4 little scars where the incisions went and they are still really tender and pretty hard right now. In a few months it'll fade and become soft again. My stomach is pretty bloated still. Since they fill you with air during the surgery, not all of it comes out when they are done. In a few days it'll start to deflate.

What I wasn't expecting, my right shoulder hurt like hell after. Apparently there is a nerve that runs from the stomach to the shoulder and this operation causes that nerve to gets irritated. Causing my shoulder to kill! Seriously I couldn't believe it.

The nurses and everyone was awesome that day. One nicer than the next. It made the whole thing so much better because of that. My Doctor came to check on my like 4 times, the nurses were great, and my anesthesiologist was awesome. He really listened to me about how anesthesia affects me. He gave me a sedative before we went into the operating room. pills to help with my nausea afterward and made sure to put the medicine in that helps with the burning it causes. Because of all that, I woke up not puking or screaming. lol. Which has happened to me every other time. I woke up feeling just a little sick and overall like crap, but not like it has been before. He also called me later that night to see how I was feeling. Seriously he was the best!

Overall it was one of the most painful surgeries I've ever had, but one of the best hostpial experiences I've ever had. If that makes any sense at all.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Medical Problems

I've told you that this Friday I am having my gallbladder taken out. Last Friday (NYE) I had to get some blood work done for the surgery. Everything came back fine (including my sugar which I was worried about), expect for my hemoglobin.

Which was low. Really low. I've always known that I am anemic and have a low iron but I didn't know it was so low. For women, your hemoglobin should be around a 12. Mine is 9. Yeah, it's low. My primary doctor called me to tell me to start taking iron immediately to help it get back to normal. She also expressed concern that my surgery might get cancelled because it's so low (another surgeon is doing it not her).

That's not an option. I am in a lot of pain and I need to have this taken care of now. I can't wait another month to have the surgery. So now I'm in limbo because I'm not sure whether or not my surgery will still be on. As of now it is and I plan on going in on Friday. If my doctor says something then, my plan is to cry and cry so he will just do the surgery! lol.

So keep your fingers crossed that I still get the surgery and finally get on the road to being pain free. As for my hemoglobin, I'm taking my iron and will get retested in a few weeks to see if it's raised. My doctor is worried about me traveling to India if it's still really low. It will make me more susceptible to diseases.

Not going to lie. I'm soo over having all these issues. Ugh. I just want to get back to normal. Hopefully after Friday, I will be on the way.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Not the best start to the year

I spent my New Years Eve and weekend home sick. Not the best way to kick off the New Year but no worries. I still have a feeling this year will be great.

I didn't really have any plans for New Years eve anyway, most of my friends stayed in, so I didn't feel like I missed out on anything. Honestly staying in with my mom was a lot of fun. We bought a bunch of junk food, pigs in a blanket, potato skins, mozzarella sticks, and just watched movies. I always feel bad that my mom doesn't have someone to celebrate the New Year with, so I was happy to help her ring in 2011.

How was you NYE?