Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Times with more to come! Some Pics

Last weekend was probably one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. Start to finish is was awesome. The St Patty's parade I went to was amazing. I definitely drank way to much though. lol

Since losing all this weight, I am a totally different person. Especially with my confidence and how I carry myself. I don't know if it's because I'm much thinner or because of how I carry myself now, but for the first time in a LONG time men were actually hitting on me! Buying me drinks, chatting me up. One guy practically never left my side the entire night. It was flattering but also so foreign to me. I am not used to it. On guy actually asked me to go home with him that night!

I said no of course. I will never be that kind of person to sleep with random people. I even sang Karaoke that night! haha. I mean I was totally gone by that point, but even in the past I would have never done that.

It's just so great now. I feel so much lighter, and not physically though. I mean I am so much more relaxed now. Whenever I used to go out, I would be awkward. And worried about finding a place to sit, and thinking about when I can finally go home, and if I will be able to pass by people to go to the bathroom. Now I just go with the flow. I don't over analyze situations anymore and it's just so freeing.

This weekend I have a 5K to look forward to. Hoping to get under 30 finally! And then I'm going out to dinner with some friends and then going out for another friends' birthday. In the past I would have never loaded up my day with so much activity. Now I love it! I am looking forward to just so much more good times. I cannot wait for this summer, I have a feeling it's going to be a blast!

Out at the bar.

Singing Karaoke! lol

Thursday, March 22, 2012


It's been a while since I've blogged. It's been crazy the last few weeks. Work is really really busy for me right now and this gym challenge is taking up the rest of my time. It's hard being a captain. Organizing everything, listening to people bitch all day long. It's exhausting. This past week alone, I've had to start bringing in my cellphone charger to work because my phone is dying so quickly. I get emails upon emails every hour from people at my gym, and texts and calls.

It's fun but I'm tired. Plus the challenge itself is TOUGH. My body is so freaking sore, and has been since this thing started. Which is a good thing in the end. It means I'm really starting to push myself and will hopefully bust through this plateau soon!!

I'm looking forward to the weekend. There is a St Patty's day parade in a town right near me. I can't wait to go and see friends. Because of all my travel and I was sick last weekend, I haven't gone out in NJ in over a month. I can't wait! Then on Sunday I'm going to see the Hunger Games. The books were so good. I read all three in 5 days. I just couldn't stop reading!

The trailer looks like it'll follow closely with the books and I think the casting is pretty spot on. With the exception of who they picked for Peeta. I am just looking forward to being home and going out with friends.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finally Home

I am finally back as on late Saturday night from my business trip. It was great and I learned a lot. Plus being in tampa and enjoying 80 degree weather was pretty awesome too. However I am so happy to be back home. I am over traveling and I'm happy that I have no plans to go anywhere for a while.

I'm trying to get back into my normal routine and really trying to kickstart my weight loss again. I've been in this plateau for MONTHS and I'm really starting to get sick of it. I am ready to be at my goal weight already. My gym just started a team challenge and I was actually voted to be my team's captain!!

I'm hoping this will give me the push to start losing again and hit my goal weight by the summer! It's kinda weird being a leader though... It's daunting at times. So many people are looking up to me! I hope I won't let them down!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Italia Trip!! With lots of pictures

My trip to Italy went by way to fast! I couldn't have asked for a better trip! The weather was perfect there. In the 60s and sunny. It was great to see my brother and family. The hotel I stayed in was right next the pantheon and in walking distance to practically everything. I walked a ton, so much that I was sore every night. We even took a day trip to the town my grandma grew up in. That will have to be a blog all on it's own though. Too much to tell from that day.

It was just a great great trip. It was great to be with my family, to eat awesome food, and to see some of the most beautiful sights. Words can't even describe it. Here are a tiny sampling of the many many pictures I took!

This was the view from my hotel room window!! The Pantheon. This was the best hotel I've ever stayed in.

Trevi Fountain. Which was a 5 minute walk from my hotel.

Me and my niece at the top of the Spanish Steps. That was a tough climb holding the kid. lol

Me inside the Colosseum.

This was taken on the roof of my hotel. That's the capital building.

In the Vatican Museum. This is the hallway that leads to the Sistine Chapel. So intricate.

Me in front of St. Peters

I climbed to the top of St Peter's. over 500 steps to get up there! I was out of breath and sweating hard, but that view made the whole thing worth it!

The Bridge of St. Angels. I loved this bridge. So pretty.

The mouth of truth! I was determined to go here. I've been dying to see this ever since I saw Roman Holiday. Ironically this was the only church that I had to wait like an hour to get into. No other places had any sort of line.

The relic of St Valentine. I had no idea that this church had his remains there. That was pretty cool to see.

Last night in Italy!! With my niece.