Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stepping out of my comfort zone

This past weekend made me realize that I've become a little too comfortable in my life. I love my life right now, but I'm complacent. I need to start pushing myself more and really stepping outside of the box.

I've decided starting in August it's time to start doing new things. While I do go out a lot, it's always to see the same people and places. I'm never going to meet a boy if I'm always going to my friend's houses. Or going out with couples all the time. On Friday I went out with my friend from school who was up visiting. It was great because we talked to so many different people. Whereas usually I'm parked at a table with my friends. I need to find a single friend who lives in this area to go out with me. Or maybe I can get my friends with boyfriends to ditch they boys for the night and be my wingwoman.

Then on Sunday my brother invited me to go to the Haskell with him. If your from NJ you know that it's a huge horse racing event that happens every year. I was exhausted on Sunday. My friends from college had just left, and I was planning on relaxing on the couch, recovering from a slight hangover. Anyway he invited me and I was on the fence, but then said, nah I'm going to stay home I think. My brother then asked, "Why?"

Such a simple question, but it had a huge impact on me. I have no good reason why. Was I really going to miss out on something fun just so I can catch up on my DVR? Again I'm never going to meet someone sitting on my couch at home. So I quickly threw on a dress and we went.

I am so happy I did. I saw so many people there and it was a great day. I paced some bets (lost each one) and just mingled with people. I would have missed out on a great day, all to watch TV. So I've decided I'm going to make a conscious effort to do something new each month. Whether it be on my own or with some friends. I need to do something I would normally not do.

Maybe I'll meet someone, maybe I won't. But I'll have fun doing new adventures and I won't regret putting myself out there. The unknown is a scary scary place, but the best things usually happen when you step outside your comfort zone and into that unknown.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Fun

This past weekend was really busy and fun for me.

On Friday night I got together with two of my oldest friends. We spent the night laughing and looking at old yearbook pictures. I can't believe how awful I looked when I was in middle school. haha. It was a great night and there was so much laughter. I really needed that.

Saturday my brother and I went to the shooting range together. This was the first time I've ever been! I was so freaked out when we got there. It's so loud and there's shells flying all over. It was really overwhelming. Thankfully after a few rounds I started to get the hang of it and felt a little more comfortable. Now I can't wait to go back there and practice some more.

After that we went to my twin cousins graduation party. Thankfully the heat wave broke and the weather was perfect on Saturday. There was a lot of family there that I hadn't seen in a few years, it was nice to catch up with everyone. Also we got to take a family picture which was great.

Here is a picture of my mom, brothers and my grandma being totally inappropriate trying to grab my brother's package. lol. My family is crazy and I love it.

Sunday I got to hit the beach again. It was packed! I had to fight for a little piece of sand. I have never seen the beach that crowded before. The water was also really rough. I saw two people getting rescued because of the current.

All in all though it was a great weekend. Jam packed but a lot of fun! This coming weekend my friends from college are coming up for a visit. I can't wait for them to get here. I want this week to go a little faster already.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Second Mud Run (aka I'm addicted!)

Last Saturday I did the Rugged Maniac 5K in NJ. It was a blast!!!! I love these races. It really pushes you to your limits but it also makes you feel like a kid again! Even though your covering a lot of miles you don't really feel it because of the obstacles.

I am officially hooked!

This run was a whole lot dirtier than the last one. I was crawling though the mud, going down a huge slide into muddy water, and climbing countless walls. I finished in 50 minutes. Not too bad for a 5K. If I would have ran it on my own I would have come in a lot faster. But I ran with my gym buddies so I made sure to stay with them. That's what these races are all about. Team work. It's not about the time, it's about helping each other out. And conquering things you never though you could do.

There was a tunnel with a rope that I had to climb up. Looking at it, I thought I would have to skip it. I didn't think I had the upper body strength to pull myself up like that. But my friend was right there cheering me on. I couldn't believe that I was able to do it and that it was so easy! It's insane sometimes. How different I am now.

Even though my eating hasn't been great and I'm up a couple of pounds in weight, I was still able to rock this mud run. I know I will never be the person I used to be. That I will never let myself get off track. Sure there will be detours but nothing I can't easily bounce back from.

My next mud run will be in September. This one is 8 miles!! EEK!!! It's going to be tough, and the distance scares me, but I know I will be able to conquer it with my friends.

Here is a picture of some of us after the race, enjoying our free beer. I'm the one all the way on the left, with no shoes on. lol

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini Vacation

I took a little vacation last weekend. It was much needed. I had off July 4, so I decided to take off Thursday and Friday to make it a long weekend.

I had barely any plans, just to relax and go to the beach. I've been on the go so much lately, that it was nice to not have any plans and to just enjoy myself. I went to the beach almost every day except for Saturday. It was way too hot out that day. I get antsy and bored quickly at the beach so I have like a 3 hour max before I need to leave. Which left me with most of the day to do whatever I pleased.

I went to a fair one night, a BBQ another. Out to lunches and dinners. It was wonderful and really allowed me to relax and recoup. Plus my brother is back from India as on Sunday! He'll be spending the next few weeks here in NJ so it's going to be great to spend time with him.

On Sunday my mom made lasagna to celebrate his return. It was delicious and the perfect way to end my little mini vacation. Now I'm back at work (happily) and ready to get back into my normal routine.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Week Long Celebration (pictures)

I turned 28 on June 28 last week. It was my golden birthday so to speak. Since it was such a big day, I packed my week full of fun activities! I was a little too ambitious and I'm still exhausted from all my celebrating.

Last Wednesday I went to see the Beach Boys in concert. I love love love the Beach Boys. I've seen them in concert at least 6 times. They were my first concert ever and I've been hooked since. The place was packed. We got lawn seats but even on the lawn we have to squeeze into a spot. They look terrible, but they still sound AMAZING. Seriously I can't even believe how awesome they were. It was one of the better concerts I've ever been too.

Here I am at the concert with my friends.

Then on my Birthday I had to go to work. However after work a bunch of my friends from work we all went out for drinks at this local dive. I drank way too much. I don't know what got into me but I went to town.

Here we are doing a shot in my honor.

Me using a pool cue as a microphone....

It was so much fun, we were there for a really long time. I got pretty sick once I got home too. What's worse was I had to go to work in the morning. That was not fun. Then that night on Friday, for my birthday my friend got my concert tickets to see Badfish on a boat that went around NYC. It was beautiful out but really hot.

I thought it would be cooler on the water but it was really hot out. Everyone on that boat was a sweaty mess. It was still a lot of fun though. The band was awesome, they sound just like Sublime. And it was gorgeous being on the water. It was a great birthday gift.

Here I am on the ship

My friends and I next to the Statue of Liberty

Then to wrap it up on Saturday I went out with my gym family. We went to a resturant that looks right onto the ocean. It was a lot cooler on Saturday thankfully so we were able to sit outside and enjoy the night. It was a great way to wrap up my week long birthday celebration!

My trainers

Enjoying the night out!

I had a great Birthday. I know a lot of people dread getting older and getting closer to 30, but I'm in the best place right now. I am looking forward to what 28 will bring me. I have a feeling it's going to be a wonderful year. If it's even half as good as 27 treated me, then I know it'll be amazing.