Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful for long weekends and races

Thanksgiving was great day! I love spending time with my family and the food! Oh the food!!! It was just the best ever. The turkey was probably the best my mom has ever made. The mashed potatoes which are by far my favorite were divine and the desserts was out of this world! I ate until I about busted.

I had gone out the night before and didn't get home until crazy late. Then woke up with the chickens on Thursday. I ran 5 miles to prepare for my day of eating and then went to my brother's football game. He's a coach and it's the biggest football game of the year. Thousands of people go and it's always fun to see people you went to school with. Then it was a whole day with my crazy family and eating. Needless to say, I went to bed at 8:30 that night. I was exhausted. However it was a good thing because I was up at 4:30 just in time for Black Friday shopping!!

Yes I am one of the crazies who goes shopping. I have to say though the crowds weren't bad at all and I was able to get everything I needed and more. I am officially done with my Christmas shopping! :) and of course I got some goodies for myself.

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxed. Which is what I needed. I was able to decompress and relieve some stress. Then on Sunday I ran my first 15K race.

It was the hardest race I've ever did. Not only have I never ran 9.3 miles before, but the course was extremely hilly. The race itself is called a challenge and they are not kidding. One steep hill after another. At some points I was practically walking because it was such a huge hill. Also it was freezing out. It's a very weird feeling to be sweating and also freezing at the same time.

Finishing that race was one of the most accomplishing things I've ever done. It also made me realize I really need to buckle down and train for the half marathon I'm doing in May. I finished the race in one hour and 41 minutes. About a 10:45 min pace. Which is exactly where I wanted to be! If it wasn't for those hills, I think I could have shaved at least 10 minutes off that time. It's so crazy how far I've come and how much your body is capable of doing. I'm amazed every day at the fact that I can do races like these now.

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