Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Medical Problems

I've told you that this Friday I am having my gallbladder taken out. Last Friday (NYE) I had to get some blood work done for the surgery. Everything came back fine (including my sugar which I was worried about), expect for my hemoglobin.

Which was low. Really low. I've always known that I am anemic and have a low iron but I didn't know it was so low. For women, your hemoglobin should be around a 12. Mine is 9. Yeah, it's low. My primary doctor called me to tell me to start taking iron immediately to help it get back to normal. She also expressed concern that my surgery might get cancelled because it's so low (another surgeon is doing it not her).

That's not an option. I am in a lot of pain and I need to have this taken care of now. I can't wait another month to have the surgery. So now I'm in limbo because I'm not sure whether or not my surgery will still be on. As of now it is and I plan on going in on Friday. If my doctor says something then, my plan is to cry and cry so he will just do the surgery! lol.

So keep your fingers crossed that I still get the surgery and finally get on the road to being pain free. As for my hemoglobin, I'm taking my iron and will get retested in a few weeks to see if it's raised. My doctor is worried about me traveling to India if it's still really low. It will make me more susceptible to diseases.

Not going to lie. I'm soo over having all these issues. Ugh. I just want to get back to normal. Hopefully after Friday, I will be on the way.


erin - heart in ireland said...


hopefully you can still have your surgery and the iron supplements help the low hemoglobin count!

Karen said...

You know get infusions and transfusions every 2 weeks because my hemoglobin runs about 4 without any help from the IV stuff. I am sure you will be able to bring it up enough to get surgery done. Good luck.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This will work out and you will be out of pain soon. Being in pain for a long time sucks - been there. It will work out and you'll be feeling great soon!
((Cyber Hugs))