Monday, October 24, 2011

Didn't get muddy this weekend...

For months I had been looking forward to my mud run. I was all set. I had my compression gear and had been training pretty intensely for it. I was beyond nervous, but also so excited to push myself to the limits.

Then Friday afternoon, at like 3:30, it's postponed.

I was PISSED!!!!! I may have also cried a little bit.

The township that the event was supposed to be held in, is apparently known for pulling stunts like this. At the last minute, the decided to change the insurance policy for the event and demanded that each runner be insured for a million dollars, and with over 1,000 runners signed up, that would mean a billion dollar policy. Something that the people holding the event couldn't do.

I understand that there has to be insurance but that's insane. Especially with the fact that every runner has to sign a waiver, that says if we get injured we can't sue!

So the event may be rescheduled for November 5th, but that's only if an agreement is reached between both parties. Which isn't looking good right now. I am so bummed out. I really wanted to do this and push myself to the limits.

There are a couple of other mud runs that are happening in the next few weeks, but most of them are sold out already. So if I am to do one, it wouldn't be for a few months or even a year! UGH! So bummed.

Fingers crossed that it gets rescheduled. Until then, I may have to make my own course. lol


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Im sorry you couldn't get muddy.
Hey looks like we all had a horrible weekend. Here's to 11/5 redo.

erin - heart in ireland said...

uugh - that really stinks! that is so frustrating to be so prepared and excited for it to be possibly postponed.

hopefully it will happen!

Karen said...

Sorry for your disappointment!