Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Updates (one really exciting)

I'm officially going to Italy!!! OMG!!! I am so excited to go back! I found a really good rate at the hotel my brother is staying at. I feel so much better now that we will both be at the same hotel. Much easier to coordinate with each other. Hotel is booked, and I'll probably get my plane tickets next week. I am bursting I am so excited. February can't come fast enough for me now!

I had my two week check up last week for my Iron infusions. Unfortunately, my levels barely went up. I have to go back in a few weeks to see if they continue to go up. I really hope so, I do not want to have to get the infusions again. That sucked. So fingers crossed for a good check up in a few weeks.

My mud run is this Saturday. It's so close! I'm in panic mode now. I am so nervous about the race. What if I can't handle all these obstacles? I am insane. I am so nervous that I can't seem to stop eating. Seriously. All junk too. I need my body to be in tip top shape and I keep on eating sugar and sodium. UGH. The whole time I'm eating, I'm internally yelling at myself. I am such an emotional eater, especially when my anxiety acts up. At least now I recognize why I'm doing this and I do stop myself before I eat too much. I need to find another outlet for my nerves. Hopefully my 4 mile run I have planned for tonight will help calm me!

I have been so busy the past few weeks. I'm honestly not used to being so busy. I used to rarely go out. Now every weekend I have something planned. It's crazy and great, but also exhausting. I cannot wait until November when things should calm down a bit for me. At least until the holidays start up again.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is like a month away?? Time really does seem to be flying by!! I gotta get a start on my Christmas shopping!!

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erin - heart in ireland said...

YAY!!! So exciting about Italy! I miss traveling. It is so weird that I haven't left SC since moving here. I don't think I've been in 1 state this long in a while!

Hope the race went well this weekend!