Monday, February 23, 2009

A movie weekend

This past weekend equaled to me lying on my couch the whole time waiting to feel just a little bit better. I was sick for over a week. I kept waiting for it to pass on it’s own but the little bug decided to not leave. Saturday morning I was forced to go to one of those walk-in clinics, fork over 50 bucks (that was my co-pay!), and wait over an hour to see a freaking nurse, not even a doctor, just so I could get some anti-biotics.

It turned out to be a nasty sinus infection and by Sunday night I was finally starting to feel better. For the first time in over a week I actually slept soundly last night! Thank god for good medication.

Even though I’m almost a hundred percent I still have a really nasty sore throat. Everything feels fine, no more congestion, headache, achy body, just a sore throat that won’t quite. Now the nurse lady told me it was red from everything “dripping down” but I feel like it should be gone by now. However I have no idea what else it could be. I’m just going to cross my fingers that it goes away by the time I’m done with my medicine.

Despite being bedridden for most of the weekend, I actually had a pretty nice weekend. Friday, even though I felt like crap, I finally got around seeing “He’s just not that into you.” While I did like the movie, I felt like it was really long. I don’t know if that was because I was cranky from not feeling well or what, but I seriously felt like I was there for over 3 hours.

The rest of the weekend consisted on catching up with my shows and watching some great movies. I suggest you watch “The Secret Life of Bees” It was soo good! You should read the book first but even if you don’t, watch this movie. A definite tear-jerker.

How was your weekend? And do you have any idea why the hell my throat still hurts??

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