Monday, February 9, 2009

Walking on sunshine

This past weekend was beautiful weather wise. It made me aware that spring is on its way, even though we still have a while to go. But this weekend made seem much closer. It even smelled like summer. Which I know sounds weird but summer defiantly has a distinct smell. I took my dog for a walk by the beach and he loved it just as much as me. He LOVES the sand and jumping in it. It makes him one seriously happy dog.

In other news I have off this coming Monday and to give myself a little break from work I decided to take off Friday and stretch it into a nice four-day weekend. I am very excited. It will hopefully re-energize me. I need it desperately.

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and her heart it is in ireland said...

thanks for the advice :) i did a bus tour in belfast and it was fab.

and i think i might be eating a lot of gelato :)

and i can't wait for spring, one of the nice things about moving back to NJ. seasons!