Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Verbal Diarrhea

I have been known to say some really stupid stuff out loud. Sometimes I just seem to get lost in a trance and blurt out whatever I am thinking. Most people, thankfully, just laugh it off, but it is usually very embarrassing. I’ve gotten better lately but there is still the occasional slip up.

One time at college my friend’s mom came to visit. She looked amazing and totally different since the last time I saw her. They went out to lunch but later that night my friends were sitting around talking. I started to not really pay attention but all of a sudden I heard one of them say something about a mid-life crisis. That was when I decided to pipe and say that I agree that her mom does look like she’s going through a mid-life crisis!

Then there was silence and my friends busted out laughing. They were talking about the restaurant’s d├ęcor and not her mother!! Needless to say I felt like an ass. I tried to explain that I didn’t really think she was going through a mid-life crisis but that she just looked great today. I just wanted to run away and hide from them. I’m such an ass.

Another time I had this verbal diarrhea was when I was at a family gathering. Again I started to daydream and wasn’t really listening to the conversation. After some time I decided it was time to contribute to the conversation. I heard someone mention meatloaf so I decided to announce, very loudly, that I hated to eat meatloaf. It was one of my least favorite meals.

Again there was silence followed by everyone laughing at me. They were not talking about the food but about the signer. Again I feel like an ass and really embarrassed. Luckily I didn’t say anything as bad as the one before but still. I really need to pay better attention.

It’s not just embarrassing for me but I feel bad because it’s blatantly obvious after I say these things that I was not paying attention. I really need to focus better. However that doesn’t mean this verbal diarrhea will go away. There have been plenty of other instances where I say something inappropriate and I was paying close attention.

Some if it is intentional and sometimes it’s not. It’s just something I have to either work on more or I have to get over worrying what people think about it.

Let me ask you. Have you ever said anything to someone that made you want to put your foot in your mouth?


Karen said...

One time in college I had dropped off my roommate and her boyfriend at the ATM on our way to party. For some reason I forgot there was one other person in the back seat of the car. As I was driving around the block while they were using the ATM, I started talking to myself about an embarassing incident that had occurred a few days prior. And the guy in the back got an earful of my thought.


erin - heart in ireland said...

I am always saying things over here that wouldn't bat an eye with my friends at home, but for some reason the Irish don't quite get my sense of humour and my sarcasm.

I just kinda laugh and blame my Americanness. The one with your family was funny though!