Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

- Yesterday was a snow day for me. We got like 14 inches of snow! At first I felt really bad for calling out of work, because it wasn't snowing THAT badly. But then 2 pm hit and the snow was so heavy and it just didn't let up. So I'm happy I didn't get stuck in that.

- This morning, my street still hadn't been plowed yet so I had to get my mom to drive me to the train station. Shockingly, the trains were running on time!

- I really hope we don't get any more snow this year!

- Even though I had off yesterday, I am also taking tomorrow off to go to some much needed Dr's appointments. Because of this, I'm really messed up with my days. I keep on thinking it's Monday because I was off yesterday, and then realize it's actually a Friday for me!

- Monday my office is closed for President's day so I get a four day weekend! Whoo hoo!

- Is anybody else excited to see the movie Valentine's Day? I know a lot of people are against it because it's over hyped and there are a million famous people in it, but I still think it looks cute. I hope to check it out this weekend.

- In sad news, Alexander McQueen committed suicide. He was an amazing fashion designer. No matter how bad your life may seem, suicide is NEVER the answer.


cowboyboot lady said...

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend! I agree, Valentine's Day the movie does look cute. In my city it was sold out last night. Must be good!

jamie said...

I went to see Valentine's Day this weekend. I liked it.

And it is so awful about McQueen. He was amazing.