Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The kind of shopping I HATE

I love buying presents for people. I like getting creative and getting something I know they will love.

In a few weeks I have to go to a bridal shower and for some reason, I can't get excited about getting a gift.

I looked at her registry and everything on there seemed so.... lame.

Maybe it's because I'm no where near that part of my life, but buying pots and pans as a gift seems so lame. Also the thought of watching her open up all these things and me pretending to get excited about them also makes me want to stab myself. lol.

I kinda want to be that one person that goes off the registry and buys something a little kinky. I already bought a gift, and it's nice but it just feels like it's not enough. Even though it cost a pretty penny, it still seems... I don't know. Lacking.

I've never felt so unsure about a gift before. Even though she specifically asked for this, I still feel like it's stupid or she won't like it.

Have any of you felt this way before about getting a present?

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Karen said...

I never stress over a registry gift. Generally I just get something (or several things) that equal the amount I want to spend. She picked what she wanted and she even knows how much each item is.

I do like buying household stuff so I like buying for bridal shower. But even if that is not your thing, get something that fits your personality. How about stuff for bbq-ing or a blender and a bottle of tequila, if this a party friend.