Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This past weekend I went up to Connecticut to visit some friends. All week leading up to it I was so excited. Then the day came and I just was not feeling it.

Maybe it was because my brother and his wife came up to visit that weekend and I wasn’t going to see them as much as I wanted. Or maybe for the past month I’ve been away or doing something crazy that I just wanted to hang low. Either way, as soon as I was up there I wanted to go home. I kept trying to boost myself and get excited but I was falling flat. Then I called to tell my mom I got there safely (yes I still do this, she worries) and in the background I heard what sounded like a big fun party going on at my house. That really bummed me out.

I decided to just shake it off and just fake it til I made it. I put on a happy face and joined in the festivities. Gradually I started to genuinely enjoy myself and then with a few drinks and a lot of laughs I was having a blast. By the morning I was really happy I went. The night was not without some drama, but it just made it more interesting and I felt like I was back in college. I was happy I got to see my friends, some who I hadn’t seen in at least 6 months. I was happy to go out and just have a good time.

Plus when I got home on Sunday my brother and his wife were still there so I still got to spend some quality time. The wife is about 8 months pregnant and she looks adorable!!!!! I can’t believe I’m going to be an Aunt in just one month! I’m going to spoil that kid rotten. This weekend I plan on doing absolutely nothing and I couldn’t be more excited. I really need a weekend to relax and recharge my batteries!!

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