Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The next step

As I mentioned before my mom had a time share that would be expiring at the end of August. None of my friends wanted to spend the money to go (I mean REALLY? All they had to worry about was the plane ticket and food!), and my brother was originally going to use but for a bunch of reasons he ended up not being about to go. My mom could have extended it for a cost but the same problems would still be there 6 months from now.

Anyway I had a brilliant idea, well at the time I thought it was, to take my two 16 year old cousins with me. I know they are young but they are kind of like sisters to me. I really enjoy their company and I try to always be there for them. I asked their mom what she thought and she was all on board!! I was so excited about being able to go on vacation, even though I hadn’t even found a place yet.

Then panic mode set it. Was I an idiot taking two teen girls with me on vacation? Would I be able to handle a whole week with them? What if something horrible happens? What about renting a car and getting around? Can I handle that alone?

I was making myself sick with worry. I mean literally. My stomach was in knots and I was having some bathroom problems. (TMI) I must have talked myself out of this trip a thousand times. Making a million excuses as to why I couldn’t go. Then I realized that I was more worried about being out of my comfort zone than anything else. If there was ever an opportunity to push past my comfort zone and really start living my life, this was it.

I pushed my feelings down and started looking for places of where we could go. Since it’s so late into the year not a lot of places that looked good were available. They looked dingy, gross and not in the best areas. Then one day this amazing place came up! Seriously, out of 5 stars this place had a 4.5 rating by past visitors. I have never seen a place with more glowing reviews than this. The room is gigantic, and the resort has just so much to offer. There is a lazy river, waterslide, two pools, right on the beach, a free movie theater, mini golf, tennis courts, and so much more that I can’t even remember! I know Florida in August will be disgustingly hot but honestly I was in Jamaica last August and nothing can top that heat!

I took a deep breath and booked the place. I didn’t want to risk losing such an amazing place. Even though I am nervous, I am so happy I am doing this. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and going on what looks to become a kickass vacation!


Karen said...

Very cool. Have a great time. I am sure it will be awesome.

erin - heart in ireland said...

the resort sounds great!

you will have fun and yay for stepping out of your comfort zone!