Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I’m officially an Aunt!!!!!!!

My brother and his wife welcomed their baby girl at about 3am Saturday Morning!! 8lbs 14oz and looks just like my brother! She has a full head of hair and is absolutely adorable*.

My mom and I left NJ as soon as my brother told us she was going into labor. We were hoping to get there before the baby came. We left around 10:30 Friday night. We figured we shouldn’t hit any traffic since it was so late. We were so very wrong.

We got to the toll before the Delaware Memorial Bridge and we sat in traffic for 3 HOURS. For 3 hours the car did not move an inch. It was the worst car experience I have ever had in my life. There was a bus fire on the bridge so they had stopped all traffic until the accident was cleared.

With my anxiety I don’t do well in that kind of situation. I had a crazy panic attack and was crying hysterically for like a half an hour. I was exhausted; it was 1am, which did not help with the craziness. Once we finally got moving we pretty much had no other problems. Other than extreme exhaustion.

We didn’t arrive to DC until 7 am in the morning. Over 8 hours of travelling. We went straight to the hospital and found out she had had the baby. They were exhausted and asked if we could come back in a few hours. With a quick stop to see the baby at the nursery, my mom and me when to their apartment for a quick nap and to recharge ourselves a little.

Around noon we headed back to the hospital where we finally got to see the baby up close and hold her. She is just so precious. My brother was a big pile of love and mush. He’s not really the affectionate kind of guy but he was full of love that day. It seriously made me tear up to see him so happy and at peace.

Later that afternoon, they were fading and with all the emotions from that day, we left to give them another break. We were planning on getting lunch and then going back, but we just really wanted to go home. We knew they were tired and if we were to go back it would only be a quick visit again before leaving, so we just left. We thought it best to give them some alone time with each other. Thankfully we hit no traffic coming home. We were able to get home by 6pm and just relax. We went about 40 hours without any real sleep. It was rough.

My mom is going back in a few weeks to spend some time with my sister-in-law and help her out for a week and hopefully I will be able to go down for a few days to visit again.

*I would post a picture but they asked me to not post anything on my facebook so I figured that would extend to this blog if they knew I had one.