Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Kickoff

This past weekend officially marked the start of summer for me. Sure most people look to Memorial Day as the start, but for me summer doesn’t start until I hit the beach for the first time.

That’s exactly what I did on Saturday. It was so hot and humid out, it was the perfect day to hit the beach. Surprisingly there was no traffic getting to the beach. I live pretty close to the beach but usually as I get closer to one of the bridges, that takes me to the actual beach, I always hit some kind of traffic on the weekends. It was weird to not hit any traffic and for there to be so few cars on the road at that time. Then when we got to the beach, we found out that it was FREE that day!!! Talk about the perfect way to kick off the day and the summer for me!!!!

The beach was lovely. The weather channel said it was supposed to rain but it couldn’t have been more gorgeous at the beach. I can get antsy at the beach if I sit still for too long, but I had a book so I was set for the day.

It was so hot though that you had to go in the water. It was freezing, but felt refreshing after baking in the sun. Plus I’m a total water girl, so I can’t NOT go swimming if I am near a body of water.

The only downside to the day was the sunburn and weird tan lines I got. I never ever can just get an even tan. I always get weird tan lines and sunburns, so that my skin looks freaky all summer long. Last year my left foot got burned the first day in the sun so for the rest of the summer my foot just kept on getting darker and darker and the rest of my leg couldn’t catch up. It looked dirty by the end of the summer. lol. This year, my bathing suit had a ring where the strap goes through to go up around your neck halter style. So of course I got a little red dot on Saturday on my chest. lol. Also I did a terrible job at putting the sunscreen on the back of my legs so they are all splotchy. It’s pretty sexy. ;)

What event or activity signals the start of summer for you?


Karen said...

For me it is school being out. When the buses don't run and the kids are outside all day. That is summer for me. Glad the beach was fun. The water had to be freezing!

erin - heart in ireland said...

yay! it was a gorgeous weekend too!

i miss the beach.

for me the end of school and also when i can wear skirts everyday and not be cold = summer!