Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My big news

I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m seriously can’t believe that this happened. I wasn’t even looking for a new job.

Let me start from the beginning.

A few weeks ago my office found out that we were going to have a training day in our NJ office. It was going to be an all day thing, which happened last week. The day before, one of the VPs called me into her office. Which made me freak out since I thought I was in major trouble for something. Also she asked my manager to come too, which made me even more nervous.

As soon as I walked in though, she told about this position that just opened up in the NJ office that she thought I would be perfect for!! She told me that she knew my commute was horrible and the cost was a killer, so when this job opened up she immediately thought of me! How awesome is that?? That my VP recommended me for a job!!! Since we were already going to be in NJ the next day, she told me to come in a little earlier for an interview!

I honestly can’t even tell you how I felt. At how fast this happened and how amazing it would be for me to get the position. It was unreal. She told me I didn’t have to dress up, since I was going to be doing this training/team building thing afterwards. The next day, bright and early, I met with the two people to interview me and it was great! Seriously, the guy looked at the resume and said, “so on here it shows that you do everything that we would need you to do”!! There were very few questions, and a lot of explanation of what I would be doing there. It was the best interview ever. I knew I rocked it when it ended.

Then it was on to the training day. While we were all eating breakfast there was a slide show of all the things we had to go over that day. But then the last slide came up and said that it was really employee appreciation day and that we were all going to Dave and Busters for the day!!!!!!!! Talk about the best surprise ever!!!

We all boarded a bus and headed to Dave and Busters in Philly. It was all you can drink, free lunch, and we got a card with like 300 points to play the games. It was one of the best days. The day was so much fun and just flew by!!! We got back to the NJ office around 5 and I was home before 6! When we got back one of the people who interviewed me told me that things looked promising for me! I was on cloud 9!!

I was officially offered the position yesterday and haven’t been able to stop smiling. My life is going to change so much its crazy!! While I am nervous about starting a new position, one that has more responsibility, I just know this is the best thing for me right now!


Karen said...

Well good thing you didn't end up moving to the city! Congrats!! Where is it NJ? Are you going to be close to me so that we can maybe meet for dinner or a drink one day?

Adventure said...

YAY!!!!! Yay-whooooooooooo! So happy for you!

adventure grrl said...

Whoops, I was signed in as a diff. user! LOL.

erin - heart in ireland said...


Congratulations! That is fabulous news! When does the new position start?

And what an awesome day!

Babycakes said...

That's fantastic, well done, nice when things work out like that.