Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Warning: This post gets really gross and you may not want to read if you're squeamish

I love the show the Biggest Loser. It is awesome and really inspiring. I love in the beginning of the show, when the contestants work out for the first time. It's insane to see people actually throwing up while working out. I never understood how that could really happen to a person.

Until yesterday.

Yes, I puked after my workout at the gym. I am mortified!!!!

I felt a little off during the workout and kept on having to stop my trainer because I felt ill. Eventually it passed and I was able to finish up. Then when I was cooling down on the bike I started to feel really sick again. I stopped before I was supposed to and went on my way.

I figured that walking to my car, relaxing and resting, I would feel better. As soon as I sat down in my car, I felt everything coming up. I just got my door open in time to puke all over the place. It was horrible. It just kept on coming up. Even when I had nothing left in me I was still retching.

Ugh. It was really bad and really gross. Basically I lost my whole lunch lunch.

I tried to wash it away with my water I had on me and I hope that the rain last night got rid of the rest.

Now I just have to tell my trainer what happened...

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Karen said...

It happens. I puke relatively frequently. Different things that I eat set me off.