Thursday, August 19, 2010


On Sunday I will be flying out to beautiful Florida!!! I can't wait!!

While I'm still a little nervous about how things will go, it's just in my nature, I'm still really excited. I'm just looking forward to a week that I can sleep in each day, and my biggest worry will be should I sit by the pool or on the beach that day. lol

Also on Saturday I have a big party to go to! So in general I just can't wait for this week to end and start having some fun!!

I kinda like the fact that I'm taking my vacation during the last week in August. It's like one last adventure/party before the summer ends. While I am looking forward to the fall and the crisp cool weather, I will miss summer a lot. This is the perfect goodbye for me.

So this will be my last blog until I get back. Have a great weekend and week ahead!!

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jamie said...

Hope you have a fantastic time!