Monday, May 2, 2011

Practice Run

I really love the gym I go to. They really push me and motivate me! For May they have an individual challenge. The winner of this challenge gets $1000!! Needless to say I want to win!!

This isn't the first challenge I've done with the gym. But it's the first time that I really think I can win. The winner has to have the best improved body composition in 5 weeks and also complete all the challenges they have listed. I'm not so worried about the body composition part. I'm still losing weight pretty consistently (I just recently hit 75 pounds lost!!!!!). It's the challenges I'm most worried about. They are CRAZY.

Here is a sampling of what needs to be done.

- Run 1/4 mile with a weighted vest on. (has to be done at least 4 times)
- Run a 1/2 mile (has to be done at least 4 times)
- Run a 5K (at least 3 times)
- Jump rope at least 100 times in a minutes.
- Do at least 25 burpees in a minutes.
- Elevated kettlebell squats with a 30 pounds weight for one minute.
- full situps with a 12 pound medicine ball for one minute. No stopping allowed.
- deadman's hang. You have to hang from a ladder for 60 seconds. I can only do 10 seconds right now!!!
- 4 bonus challenges. We don't find out the first one until next Sunday.

Believe it or not, there are a lot more challenges that have to be completed. I just can't remember them all. For all of the challenges you have to do better each time. So I got 104 jumps for the jump rope yesterday. Next time I do it, it has to be more than 104! I am the most worried about the deadman's hang and the bonus challenges. I cannot hold my body up like that for 60 seconds. The bonus challenges are usually brutal!!! Ugh it makes me nervous just thinking about it.

For all the runs we have to do, they are all outside!! Yikes!!

I decided to get one of the 5Ks out of the way yesterday. So me and my gym buddy went off and running. The trail is so hilly!!! I was really struggling during some parts. I basically would run for 6 minutes and then walk for 90 seconds. I finished in 48 minutes and 11 seconds. I was so mad that it wasn't under 45!!! I have been doing 3 miles in 42 minutes for a few weeks now, but I've been doing it on mostly flat surfaces. Those hills killed me!!!

I hope my time will be a lot better for the next run. My body is paying me back for it today too. I am so sore!!! My legs are killing me. Every time I sit or stand up I want to cry!!! I cannot believe how sore I am. I iced last night and have been taking advil round the clock!! I'm going to have to beg my trainer tonight to focus on arms and not legs! Ugh I will cry if she makes me do legs tonight! lol.

I am happy to have done the 5K. It was really good practice for the 5K I'm doing on May 21st. Hopefully this will help me improve my times!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am so proud of you for doing this Carolyn. This is great. I hate running with a passion yet I want to like it. Does that make sense? You'll do this list. If you can lose 75lbs then you can by far accomplish this. 'cuz as you know none of this is easy!
I'm your cheerleader over here in DC Metro

Karen said...

The only 5k I ever did was pretty flat and my time was 55:01. I was just happy come in under and hour because I am in terrible shape. I am so proud of you lady!

erin - heart in ireland said...

this is such an awesome gym! good luck on the challenges!

and that is awesome about the 5k! uphill isn't fun.

and 75 pounds - that is fabulous!