Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Car is FINALLY fixed

My car has been finally fixed today. Cost was over $400!! YIKES! However I'm just happy to finally have my car back. It sucked being carless for almost 3 days!

Turns out I needed both front and back brakes done. My back ones were worn out. My front ones somehow were damaged and warped. Which is what was causing the scary loud noise. Which is also scary to think about. Fortunately since they were damaged my front brakes were covered by warranty!! YAY! I only have to pay for the back ones.

Since I needed new pads and rotors it was going to be expensive. So that SUCKED. On top of this, me getting my hair done this weekend (finally and I cannot reschedule again!), Atlantic city for my BFF's birthday the following weekend (which I have to go to), and going to Baltimore the weekend after that (to try on bridesmaids dresses), makes me VERY broke.

I was so close to paying off my credit card completely, but it looks as though it will take another month or so to do it. I'm really bummed about this. I was just starting to get a handle on my finances.

I'm so happy that I get paid on Friday... lol


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I need tires before winter. I dread the cost of that as well.
I wish I didn't need a car.!

BTW, front and back brakes in my neck of the woods would have cost double that!

Karen said...

Good news on getting the car back. And don't worry about the finances. You have your whole life to pay off those credit cards! Or at least that is what I tell myself all the time.

erin - heart in ireland said...

uugh glad you have your car back!