Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Run like the wind

I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day! Mine was really nice. I got to go to the beach, for probably the last time. Which makes me a little sad. I love the beach, but it's getting cold here pretty fast. I'm glad to get one more time in.

I went out with some friends on Saturday. It was really fun, but I was really surprised the place wasn't packed. There was barely anyone there it seemed. Same for the beach. I think the hurricane last week really deterred people from coming down to the shore for the weekend. Which was a shame because the weather was perfect.

On Monday, I ran a 5K race with some friends. My last 5K I ran in almost 38 minutes. For this race I really wanted to get under 37. That was my goal. The course was in Long Branch right along the beach. It was so pretty! I got to mile 1 and my time was 10:45!!! I couldn't believe it! I never ran a mile that fast before. I knew if I kept pace, I could get my time under 35. I was determined. It was so hot though, I was covered in sweat. Toward the end I really started to lose steam, and felt a little sick.

My best friend had already finished her race so she ran back and ran with me the rest of the way in!! She really kept me going! It was amazing! I was so happy to see the finish line.

My time: 34:17!!! AHHHHH I knocked almost 4 minutes off my best time! I am so freaking happy about that!! WHOO HOO!!! I can't wait to do more 5Ks and really improve my times more.

We stayed for the awards, my best friend placed 2nd in her age group, and my other friend 1st. My best friend's boyfriend was first in his age group, 7th overall. It can be really intimating to have friends who are such fast runners and have been doing it for so long. But it's also great because they give me tips, and push me to go farther than I think I can.

After the race, we went to eat at a nearby place and get our free beer for doing the race. lol. I got the most amazing sandwich there! It was a panini sourdough bread, with cheddar, bacon and sliced granny smith apples. OMG it was heaven!! It was also really expensive, but I want to have it again! Also the sweet potato fries were delightful.

It was a nice way to finish out the long weekend.

How was your weekend?


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Great job on the race Carolyn.

erin - heart in ireland said...

wow! under 35 minutes on your 5k! that is absolutely awesome :)

you will be able to beat me soon in a 5k!