Monday, January 23, 2012

Bad Start

I completely forgot to set my alarm clock this morning. I woke up when I am usually leaving for work! UGH!! I have no idea what made me check the clock when I did, but I am happy. Otherwise I could have easily gone right back to bed!

I threw on clothes, ate breakfast in a nano second and was somehow out the door in 15 mintues! I ended up only being about 5 minutes late for work! Whew!!!

However I'm so off today now. I feel naked without any makeup on. I'm exhausted even though I got 20 minutes extra sleep. Just not the best way to start a Monday. Especially since this will be the first full week of work I've had in a while. I hope it will go fast!

My weekend was good. We got a little snow on Saturday. Enough to cover the ground, but not too much where driving was a problem. Saturday night I went out with some friends. A good friend of mine is moving away so it was his going away party. I'm bummed he's moving. I'll miss him a lot, but I get why he is going. I ended up drinking way too much though! I had no intention of drinking and then I just started to pound them down. lol. Thankfully I didn't drive and it was a great night out!

Sunday was football all day. I was bummed the Ravens didn't win. I really wanted them too. Even though I am a huge Jets fan, I am happy the Giants will be going to the superbowl. I hope they will beat the Pats!!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ooh I hate when that happens. MAkes the whole day a mess.

here's to 5o'clock so you can go home and close the door and forget the whole damn day!