Monday, January 30, 2012

Stop Talking!

I went to go see One for the Money yesterday with my mom. We love the Stephanie Plum books and I really wanted to see how the movie would be. Especially the casting.

The movie was cute, but not really that great. Some of the characters were spot on, others missed the mark. The movie could have been more fast paced I think, it just seemed to drag on. I doubt they'll turn it into a series.

Anyway during the movie there was 3 women sitting TWO rows behind us, that did not stop talking the entire movie. It was a running commentary comparing the book to the movie. Every scene they would talk about how well they casted this person or that person. Or certain places from the book and how it looks on the film. It was driving me insane! I like to watch my movies in silence and not hear you go on and on and on about the movie. I tried to turn around and ask them to be quiet, but they didn't hear my over their own chatter.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore, so I got up and walked over to them. I asked them if they could please keep their comments to themselves. I have NEVER done something like that before. Usually I'll just grin and bear it when people act that way. I don't know what came over me, but I'm glad I found the guts to speak up. I spent the rest of the movie in peace and was able to actually hear the dialogue in the film. I felt a little bad though saying something, but why should I suffer? They should have known better.

Oh also, before the movie started, I went and got my mom popcorn. I had those little trays they give you for the popcorn and our drinks. I sit down, hand my mom her drink and all of a sudden the popcorn spills all over the floor!! I felt horrible!!! It was the first time my mom has been to the movies in years and I spill her popcorn. I offered to buy her another, but she was fine with the little bit of popcorn that stayed in the bag. I still feel so bad about it to. I need to take her back and make it up to her again. I can be such a clutz.

All around, not the best trip to the movies for me. lol.

Have you ever spoken up and told someone to be quiet??


erin - heart in ireland said...

uuugh - that is always so annoying!

at least saying something made a difference!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ah, yes....straight up no chaser here.

Seriously I have and I always feel nervous and badly after wards but really why should I have to listen to them? I am always very sweet about it. I even say, You probably don't realize how far your voices are carrying but I am having trouble hearing the movie could you please keep it down. Thanks!

I have never had anyone flipped out on me but it does make me a bit uncomfortable. You did the right thing.

As for the movie I have not read the books but I thought the movie looked cute but everyone is saying negative things so I may wait until it's on HBO or something.