Friday, March 28, 2008

A very long introduction (part two)

Now for the tough part, who am I? Well since that could seriously take hours to explain, I’ll do my best to keep it to the most relevant/recent stuff and as I go along in these things talk about myself. I graduated from college in May and moved back home with my mom and older brother. A few months later I got a job at a place, and I really thought it was my dream job. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration. I thought that this job was going to be the perfect stepping-stone into the career I always thought I wanted. It was a big company with many different branches. So I figured, great I will worked here for a while, build myself up and then get the pick of the liter and move to a section where I truly wanted to be. Now lets rewind back to my first day in October. I come in to my orientation; with the lovely help of HR I get myself all set up. The office is amazing: big, spacious, and a little trendy. Just the place where I always imagined working. Then all of a sudden, she takes me down to the next floor to my office. Now any other person would believe that all the offices for one company would more or less look the same. Well my friends, this was the exception. She took me down, into what I can only describe as a dungeon. It was dark, dingy, with newspapers all over the place. The cubicals, if you can even call them that, where separating people by a piece of what can only be described as white cardboard with holes all over it! But I thought to myself “its okay, and reminder it’s just a stepping-stone.” And so now it’s March and I am so completely miserable in this job. It is nothing like what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be more along the lines of advertising with a hint of public relations. Little did I know that all I’m doing is grunt work, and putting ads in newspapers across the country, which wouldn’t be so bad if the people of the other end of the phone weren’t so stupid. And so on a daily basis I complain to my family and friends (and now you) about how much I dislike my job. And I hear the same thing every time, “why don’t you get another one??” Which makes sense; I hate this job so I should get another one. But the thing is, a) the economy sucks right now, so not as many people are hiring, and the biggest reason is b) I have NO idea what I want to do anymore.

This is my dilemma and the reason why I started to blog, to try and figure out what I want to do. I am hoping to use this as a forum to work through and really get down to my gut and find out what makes me the happiest. I don’t want to be one of those people who sit in their office all day, waiting for their life to begin while quietly accepting that this IS their life now. I want to look forward to going to work. And I know what you thinking, yeah she’s young and dumb and needs to realize that she will have to settle and grow up. I don’t want to settle; I don’t think anyone should settle. I mean there are many good reasons to settle, money, stability, having a family, etc; and I don’t look down at people who choose those things. I just don’t want to be one of them. I figure since I’m young and still live at home with my mom, I have the ability to take chances and see where life takes me. That’s a huge advantage. I mean I really hate living at home, but I stay cause I know that I will be leaving my job soon doing god knows what. And again, when I tell you have I know idea what I want to do, I kid you not. Seriously, so far here is a list of things that I have an interest in

  • Photography (which require school and equipment which equals money)

  • Social Worker (again requires school and money which I don’t really have)

  • Make-up artist (this is the top runner but I’m scared that I won’t make enough money)

  • Teacher (but teaching what???)

  • Travel writer (this is seriously a pipe dream, but what a dream it is)

Okay again I have made this thing extremely long. But after the weekend I will revist the 4 things that I think I might/could make a living at. Looking into greater detail.

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Karen said...

I am with you on the not knowing what I want to do. And I bet I am quite a bit older than you - having been out of college for - ummm - like 10 years!

All I can say is keep searching for whatever makes you happy. Keep trying new things and taking chances.