Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I heart 3 day weekends!

I love having three-day weekends. The weekend seems to be the perfect amount of time to relax and unwind, but not too much that you get bored. I wish every weekend was three days!!

On Saturday, about 10 of us went to Atlantic City for the night. It was a blast! We stayed at the Tropicana, which is my go to place. It was crazy crowded though. I have never seen so many people in AC before.

When we went out that night, there was an hour wait to get into one of the clubs! We decided to just go to one of the many bars in the hotel. Which I prefer going to, rather than a club that costs 20 dollars to get in and you can't even hear yourself think. Also not being able to sit down unless you get bottle service is a little ridiculous. Anyway, the place we went to was great and so much fun.

Also that night was the first time I ever wore leggings. I was so nervous about looking like an idiot and how I would feel. But, I LOVED my outfit and wearing leggings is literally the most comfortable thing in the world. I loved it so much that I actually went out and bought another pair of them! lol.

Sunday was a raining and gross day, which was perfect for me to just stay home, relax and recover from my night in AC. If I can, I will try and post some pictures up!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?


Karen said...

I was super busy all weekend. I was happy to have Monday to decompress.

I don't wear leggings because my ass is big. I wear jeans or black slacks. Or cute dresses.

erin - heart in ireland said...

fun weekend!

and i looove leggings, but i won't wear them outside the house. haha :)