Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This past weekend I went to see Alice in Wonderland. I was seriously disappointed in it! I wasn’t really into it to begin with, but my cousins really wanted to see it so I went along. The special effects were cool and I liked the girl who played Alice, but other than that… I was bored. I thought Johnny Depp wasn’t that good either. I could barely understand anything he said! Have you seen it? What did you think?

Even though I bought a car this past weekend, and I now have car payments to worry about, I am determined to stick to my savings! It’s going to be a little tighter than before but not so much. The only thing I’m going to put less pressure on hitting my $800 each month. If it’s a little less that’s okay. The way things look now though I will be able to put away $800 for March!! Whoo hoo!

I am still loving my car! Seriously, I have actually been looking forward to when I get to drive it next. Good thing I’m going to Maryland this weekend to visit friends. 3 hours each way should defiantly satisfy my need to really drive it!

I haven’t seen my college friends in a really long time. It seems that every time we made plans to meet, someone would have to cancel at the last minute. This has been going on for months now! The last time I was supposed to go down was the weekend of the blizzard. And of course I got a cold this week, but I am determined to go there, sick or not! I’ve been taking Vitamin C like no one’s business. lol.

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