Monday, March 15, 2010

Non-stop weekend

This weekend in NJ and along the east coast we were slammed with Hurricane like weather. Heavy heavy rain, and serious winds. Of course this did not help with my building anxiety about driving down to Maryland.

However I was determined to make it down there! If I would have had to cancel again, I wouldn’t be able to make another trip down there until almost May. I popped a Xanax and went on my way. That little pill helped me a lot!! Also it was really easy to get to my friends place.

I am so happy I was able to make it!! This weekend was a blast!! I mean I always have fun when I see friends and go out, but this weekend was just different. I was euphoric almost. The rain stopped when we went out to the Pub Crawl that was happening in Baltimore so we didn’t even have to contend with that rain. Although my hair was a serious mess. Frizz city!!

There were so many people out that night, but it was too many that you felt overcrowded or anything. I was with a bunch of people, and we just drank and danced the night away. I have the blisters to prove it! Than later we headed to a quieter bar where we could actually hear ourselves talk and just hang out. It was great.

I was just happy to get away. I’ve been in this funk lately and this defiantly helped me snap out of it! I didn’t realize just how much I missed my friends until I saw everyone. I defiantly need to start making more trips down to see them. However because I’m weird I got almost no sleep. I even had an actual bed to sleep in, but I’m never 100% comfortable unless it’s my own bed. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep.

When I got home on Sunday, my hair was a mess (I mean it was huge with frizz and smelled like a bar), I was in sweats, still had on makeup from the night before (think bright green eye shadow) and just wanted to lie down.

I walked into my house…

To a full blown party going on!! I was embarrassed to say the least! My brother had invited a bunch of people over for dinner. I knew this, but I thought they meant dinner dinner, not an all day affair. I didn’t even have the chance to take a quick shower, so I was in my hoodie the entire time!! Luckily most of them knew I was out the night before and understood my appearance.

Needless to say I am exhausted today!! Also daylight savings isn’t really helping with my lack of sleep!


erin - heart in ireland said...

yay for an awesome weekend. i looove maryland, and i need to get down there again soon too. i have a few days off i need to take, so i'm figuring out a few long weekends this spring!

and i think i'm agreeing with you on the spending more money on my hair!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you had fun! Hearing about how good a weekend away did you may just be the push I need to make a weekend trip of my own.