Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Hair

I'll talk about my gym experience tomorrow. Especially since today the real work begins at the gym.

Anyway I mentioned that for my birthday my mom paid for me to get a Keratin Smoothing Treatment down to my hair. I have to say. I LOVE it. The whole process took only like two hours. The only bad thing I would say is not being able to wash your hair for 3 full days. My hair was a greasy mess by the third day.

The treatment doesn't totally straighten my hair, but takes the kinks out. Before if I wanted my hair straight I would have to blow dry it, then flat iron it. Even then with the humidity it would start to curl. Now, I have zero frizz, and I only have to blow dry my hair and it looks great.

Seriously total love for this stuff!!

If I just air dry my hair, it looks slightly wavy. Like tousled surfer girl hair. Which I love. It's the kind of hair I wish I had all the time. The best thing, is even if I air dry my hair I don't get ANY frizz. With this gross heat and humidity we have been having my hair would normally be out of control. Now it just stays put.

The only other downside is I have to buy special shampoo and conditioner. Which costs a lot!! So while I love this, I probably won't be getting it again anytime soon. Luckily I still have another 2 to 3 months until it washes out. Maybe next summer I'll do it again!

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Karen said...

Sounds good. My hair is pin straight and lifeless. I envy wavy hair!