Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It is way too hot out!! Its days like this that make me start craving the fall, with its crisp cool air. I know I need to enjoy the rest of the summer and this heat, but we need a little relief here!! It needs to rain or something. Ugh, it's so gross.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!! Mine was spent sunning myself at the beach and the pool. I also got to see some fireworks on Saturday. It definitely brings the kid out in me when I see them. I went to a BBQ on Saturday and the person lived right near where the fireworks went off. It was great to see them from the backyard and not have to deal with the massive amounts of people that were in town that day.

How was your weekend? Did you see any fireworks?

Stay Cool!


Raquel's World said...

My children and I picked up a few pizzas and parked in a lot less than a mile from our town park and enjoyed some fireworks Saturday night. It was cool b/c it was close enough to enjoy and far enough not to get swept away in a crowd. Then we had a cookout at the lake on Sunday. It was a really good 4th!

erin - heart in ireland said...

omg, i know the heat this week has been ridiculous!
but i am loving it...

went to the beach and became a lobster and enjoyed a few different fireworks! hope you had a good week!

Babycakes said...

envious of July 4 celebrations, they always sound so much fun