Monday, December 6, 2010

Exhausting Weekend

My room looks awesome!!! I took before and after pictures but my computer at home started to act up and I couldn't upload them. I will hopefully be able to some time this week. My room looks totally different.

The furniture is huge. A lot bigger than I remembered in the store, but I managed to fit everything into my room. Except for the bed. That was just too big, plus it's for a queen sized bed and I have a full. When I eventually move out of my home, I'll be able to use it. For now, it's in my basement.

It took forever to get my room in order. Most of Friday and all day Sunday was spent with me fixing my room. I had no idea how much crap I had. I threw out at least 3 garbage bags of stuff (I can be a hoarder sometimes) and 3 garbage bags of clothing to give away. Even with all that stuff gone, it still looks like I have a ton of clothes! I wanted to go through more and get rid of stuff, especially the clothes that are too big on me. However I was exhausted after moving everything that it will have to go on hold for now.

On Saturday I had to go and get another test for my stomach pains. It is called a Hida Scan. It took forever. First I had to get an IV in my arm, then I got injected with radioactive materials. For an hour I had to get pictures taken of my stomach. Every 15 minutes. After the hour of pictures, I was injected with something called CCK. It made me feel like I was going to vomit. It was awful. It also caused my stomach to have the pains I had been having but much more intensified. Then I had to get more pictures taken of my stomach. In total I was there for 2 hours. Not quite how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning. I will find out the results in a few days.

But after I got to see Harry Potter with my friend from out of town!!! It was AWESOME. Totally made up for my sucky morning and it was everything that I hoped it to be. While stuff from the books were left out (which always happens) I still think they kept a lot in and did everything so well. I love seeing the whole world come to life.

After the movie I spent the day with my friend from out of town and my BFF. We just hung out, caught up on our lives and had some yummy homemade Pizza for dinner. I was gone from my house for like 12 hours on Saturday. I couldn't believe I was gone for so long.

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Karen said...

Hope all is well with your stomach. Can't wait for pictures of the furniture.