Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saying bye to the old me (pictures)

This past weekend I did some major spring cleaning. I usually do this once or twice a year to get rid of clothing I haven't worn in a while and just make my room nice and neat. I'm not sure what got into my but this time, I got rid of a ton of clothes. Like my closest is seriously empty now!
I'm close to going down another size, so anything that I wore last spring/summer are now way too big to fit me. Even clothing I bought this past fall are just gigantic. I still really can't see the weight loss when I look in the mirror, but I can definitely see it when my pants actually fall down when I'm walking. Or my shirts fall off my shoulders. So this past weekend I got rid of things that I not only no longer wore, but that was too big. I packed up at least 3 black garbage bags of clothing to take to the clothing donation boxed in my town.

It kinda felt awesome to say goodbye to those clothes and to the person that I no longer I am. It's liberating. I honestly could have tossed more clothing, but then I would literally have nothing to wear and I'm not going to be going on a big shopping spree just yet. I'm just buying cheap clothes that will get me through 'til I go down another size. Although I did just get a pair of jeans that were a size 18!!!!! I hadn't been that size since I was a freshman in college!!! So exciting to slip those on!!!!!!

I'm waiting for the summer when I (fingers crossed) hit 90 pounds lost. I'm waiting for the day when I don't have to shop at a plus sized shop anymore.
It's coming close, I can see and feel it!!

I would never pose for a full length picture but I found this on a friends facebook page and I can't believe how big I was. This was taken spring of 2010

About 55 pounds down here - January 2011


Karen said...

Honestly, you like amazing in both pictures. I am so proud of you and so inspired by all your hard work.

erin - heart in ireland said...

yay! keep up the great work! and it is so nice to clean our old things (especially when great things are coming!)