Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homeless for a few days...

Starting Thursday my mom is having our hardwood floor refinished and sealed. Which means no one can be home from Thursday until Sunday. Needless to say I'm not very happy about the situation.

One I don't think my mom needed to spend all this money right now. It wasn't something that had to be done. I would rather her save her money better. She has no concept of saving money for the future and it drives me crazy! It also makes me really nervous that she won't be able to retire when she would like too. I just wish I could get her to understand that.

Second I have my 2 dogs to worry about. Luckily my mom found a hotel that allows pets, but I worry that they will tear the place apart, or pee all over because they are in a strange place. I'll just have to walk them constantly. Also I'm going to try and spend as little time as possible in the room, or I'll go crazy, so they'll have to be in their cages longer than they usually are.

Third, packing up all my mom's lenox, figurines, vases and glasses from out wall unit and china cabinet was torture. It took two days to pack everything away and put them in the basement. I had no idea we had so much crap in the house. When the floors are finished we are going to have to put everything back. Ugh. Also tonight my brother and I have to move the couches, and tables out of the living room and dining room, so that will be fun.

Fourth, I'm worried about my eating. I won't have a kitchen to make my own food which means I have to eat out for a few days. I'm worried I'm going to over indulge and gain weight! I am terrible at picking healthy options. If I eat out, I usually go for what looks the best and is tastiest. I hope I will be strong enough to avoid temptation.

Sorry for the rant. This whole thing has just been a mess and I cannot wait until it's over. Hopefully by Sunday I'll be back in the house and back to normal.

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