Monday, December 19, 2011

A Great weekend (With a picture!)

This weekend was great. Super busy, but a lot of fun. It went by way too fast.

On Friday, my uncle who lives in Florida came to visit with my grandma. I hadn't seen my uncle in a while, so it was great to have them at my house. We had a nice dinner. After dinner I had to go to a Christmas party. It was fancy, which meant I was able to get all dolled up. lol. I love to dress up! The house I went to was right on the water and it had the most beautiful view of the city. So pretty. A lot of my friends from the gym was there. It was really nice to see everyone dressed up and not in gym clothes.

Saturday I got my hair cut. I had been thinking about cutting it short for a while. I decided I was finally ready to say goodbye to my hair. I printed out some pictures and went to have it done. Luckily I have the best hair stylist in the world. Seriously she is the best and I will never leave her! lol. She was so excited about me cutting my hair. She went right to town after I showed her the picture. I admit when she was cutting I was a little nervous. But excited nervous. After the cut, she colored it a nice dark brown. It was time to finally dry and see what it looks like.

I love it! It's a lot shorter than I was expecting it to be though. I'm still in a little shock that I have no hair anymore. Also I have yet to see what it looks like when I leave it naturally curly. I'm waiting for a day when I don't have to leave my house to see what it looks like.

After that I spent the day with my uncle and grandma. I am going to the cookie exchange party on Wednesday and I need to make 10 dozen cookies. I am making my grandma's recipe for the party so we made a batch together on Saturday. Then we headed down to my Aunt's house for a little. I could only stay for a couple of hours. Enough so I could eat her homemade pizza! :)

My gym was having their Christmas party that night. I got all dressed up again and was off. I had my mom drop me off because I knew I would be drinking. A lot of the people there were also at the party the night before. They all flipped about my hair!! It was a little overwhelming with all the attention. But the reaction was good and made me really happy that I went for it. The party was so much fun. I drank way too much though. I was spinning by the end of the night. My mom who is super awesome picked me up.

Sunday I spent the rest of the day baking cookies. It took a few hours but they came out great! I even bought tins to put the cookies in for each person. I can't wait to go on Wednesday and eat cookies!

Here is a picture of me from the previous weekend at my Ugly Christmas Sweater party. You can see how long my hair was then.

And here is what my hair looks like now!!