Monday, December 12, 2011

Laying Low

Things have been crazy with my lately. Next weekend will be crazy busy for me. I don't even know if I can handle it. lol. Because I knew next weekend will be filled with parties and people, I did everything I could to lay low this weekend.

On Friday, I declined an invite to hang out with a friend. I was able to watch all my shows on DVR and go to bed early for once. On Saturday I ran some errands and was able to come home and just relax. Another friend wanted me to go to the dog park, but I really just needed alone time. I savor my time alone and I have been so busy that I was getting irritable.

That evening though I went to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. By that time I was beginning to go a little stir crazy so I was ready for a fun night out. I loved some of the sweaters people had on. Some really went all out. My favorite was this guy had a white sweatshirt that had Garfield and the dog (Oddie?) with santa's hat on them and lights around them. Then he cut out holes in the sweatshirt and poked Christmas lights through which light up with a battery pack!! Another guy wore a Christmas nightgown! Which was so funny. The party was really fun and it was good to see some friends I hadn't seen in months.

Sunday I went back into hiding. A friends wanted to hangout, but I declined and went to the movies instead. I really felt bad that I was avoiding people, but I just had the best time. lol. I saw "My Week with Marilyn". I love love Marilyn Monroe. I own so many of her movies. I loved seeing this film. Michelle Williams was a great Marilyn. I also didn't realize that this was based off a true story. I am hoping to read the memoir soon.

The movie was playing at a small independent theater. I love this place. It has only two theaters and really great seats. However the parking was a nightmare. I almost missed the beginning. The theater is in the city I live right near. There is one central parking lot there. It was packed and there were dozens of people searching for a spot. So I had to park in another lot that no one ever parks at which is really far away. But at least it saved me a headache when I had to leave.

Now I feel refreshed and I will tackle next weekend head on!! I am really looking forward to everything happening. It should be a lot of fun! But I know I will be exhausted come Monday morning.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

See aren't ugly holiday sweater parties a hoot?? Sounds like you had a great weekend.

I have heard great things about Michelle's performance. She is such a great actress. I read where she talked about all the padding etc. She must be one little thing if that was a lot of padding.