Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Haunted House?

Something strange happened to me last night.

I came home from the gym. Both my mom and brother weren't home. So I came in, put my dogs out, then went to take a shower. I shower in my mom's bathroom (it's nicer). Whenever I shower I turn on one light in her bedroom because it's pretty dark in there. So I turned on the light, and then went into the bathroom and took my shower.

When I finished up, I dried off, left the bathroom and turned off the bathroom light. Suddenly I realized that there was no other light on in the bedroom! I ran back into the bathroom and turn on the light. Then I crept out of the bathroom and went to the light switch. I flipped it back on and the light was working just fine. I figured that my brother must have came home and turned off the light.

I called out into the house. No one responded. Suddenly I heard the garage door opened and I was flooded with relief. Until that point I was really freaking out. My brother walks into the house and I ask him. Brian did you come in here and turn off the bedroom light? "No I just got home"

Brian I'm really serious, did you turn off this light. "Carolyn I JUST walked in the door, I haven't been home since this morning"


I freaked out. I told him that someone turned off this light! Check the house to see if someone is in here. He thought I was joking. He was like, no one is trying to break in, stop being ridiculous. I went into my room to put my PJs in. All of a sudden I started crying. lol. With all the adrenaline that was pumping through my body and being really freaked out, I couldn't help. He heard me crying and I guess felt bad. He searched every nook and cranny of the house for an intruder.

Finally he told me no one is in the house and there wasn't any doors or windows opened. So now I have no idea who turned off the light! I know for a fact that I switched it on before I went into my mom's room. The light didn't go out, someone TURNED IT OFF.

So now I've switched gears. If no one was in the house. Maybe it's a ghost? Which truthfully, freaks me out way more. I don't want to be haunted. When I told my mom the story this morning, she told me it must have been my grandpa. Quick backstory, my grandpa died in my house. So I guess if we are being haunted it would be by the person who actually died here.

Strange things have happened to my mom before, but I've never really believed her. Or there was an explanation. But now, I'm beyond freaked out. I know this probably sounds silly, but I just can't explain it. Someone effing turned off this light!

I actually had to take something last night to calm me down so I could actually sleep. If this is a spirit I really hope it leaves me alone. I don't know if I can take anymore shenanigans.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Carolyn, as you know I lived in a haunted house. No biggie. They are not there to hurt you or you'd know that by now. Relax, be open to it and see what happens. If it is really your Grandpa he wanted to just say hello probably. But I always found for some reason more activity this time of year. Remember my posts on this topic?

Take a deep breath and tell them to leave you alone if you don't want bothered and go towards the light.