Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The First Step

My first baby step to a better me? No more shopping with my mother!! Since I still live at home my mom always seems to try and get me to go shopping with her. Which would be fine if she didn’t’ take every opportunity to make me feel like shit. She says horrible things about the way I look when I try things on. I don’t even like to think of them now because I get upset. I’m not sure why she does it, it’s like she can’t help herself.

The biggest thing she always attacks me about is how clothes fit. My mom doesn’t get the concept that clothes are supposed fit you. She thinks that in order for a shirt to fit it should be basically hanging off your body. Which actually tends to make you look much bigger. So every time I wear an outfit that fits she goes on the attack on my weight. I feel like she thinks that if clothing is four sizes too big then people won’t realize I’m overweight. What she fails to realize is when an outfit fits you well it can be very slimming.

Even though it is tempting to go shopping, she always promises to buy, I just can’t anymore. We have totally different taste in clothes to begin with anyway so no matter what it’s always a battle. This past weekend was a huge test because she was practically begging me to go out. She was bored sitting at home and instead of calling her friends she decided to pester me all day long.

I truly wish my mom would start to get more of a social life. She has so many friends but she very rarely goes out with them. Instead she sits at home and sulks about being bored. More than anything I wish my mom got a boyfriend. A companion to spend her days with. Sooner or later I will move out and then she will have no one around. Sounds like someone has self esteem issues no?

Like mother like daughter.


Ana from far away! said...

I must be really hard... just don't listen to her, maybe she doesn't know how to approach you. It's the worst when your parents or people you care about make you feel bad with their comments.

Karen said...

Not to defend mom, but I bet she is just doing what she thinks is best to make you look how she thinks you should look.

It happens in my family and even with my girlfriends too. No one is being malicious, but feelings get hurt. You are smart to avoid the shopping.

Sign your mom up for Match or Eharmony for a bday present or something. She will get the hint!