Monday, June 1, 2009

One step at a time

Thank you soo much for your thoughtful comments on last post. They really meant a lot to me. Just writing that out I felt a lot better, but after reading your comments I knew I wasn’t alone. I mean I knew that before, but I never really KNEW it. If that makes any sense.

I have debated going to therapy again but I don’t think I’m there yet. I feel like this is a problem for me to face head on. If I was sinking into depression again I would be there, but, thankfully, I’m not depressed. Just confused and a little lost.

I used to go to therapy and this was a topic I very rarely discussed. Mostly because there was other more serious matters to discuss and I was embarrassed. I would brush over it when I was talking about something else but it was hard for me to focus on and voice out loud.

I was defiantly one of those people who went to therapy and was worried that my problems weren’t valid enough or that I would bore her. She helped me get over that fear but I could still never talk about it. I guess I wasn’t ready yet.

Now that I am ready, I want to face it alone. I think talking about it like I did was a huge stepping off point for me. Now I just need to take baby steps to getting better. I’m not expecting over night results, but I think if I face one small task at a time I will eventually build up my self-esteem.

What do you do to help build yourself up?


Karen said...

I don't say affirmations or whatever to make myself feel better. I guess it works for some people though. I just approach life with the attitude that "This is me. Like it or not. I don't care." It is all part of growing up and finding your own voice.

Ana from far away! said...

You will feel better! I used to be really insecure as I grew up, and I really didnt do anything until this year. The most important thing is to get yo know yourself, because sometimes we get trapped inside a mask. Get to know the real you, celebrate it, be happy and work on getting better every day. You can definitely do it!!

erin - heart in ireland said...

Write in a personal journal. I find writing my hand is good for me, and I can write exactly what I feel since I'm not sharing it with anyone.

I also like to dress up and take the time to wear nicer clothes, do my hair and makeup. It makes me happy and feel more productive.

It is all about baby steps :)