Monday, June 8, 2009


Beach + really old sunscreen + faulty application = Really bad sunburn blotches all over. I look AWESOME.

Saturday Night + "comfy" shoes + parking really far away from bar = massive blisters on my toes that is so bad I can't even wear sneakers, only flip flops will do.

All is all a pretty awesome weekend. It was just what I needed after all that self-wallowing I've been doing.

More details to follow.


AY@tes said...

I did the same thing when I was in the Dominican Republic for my sister's wedding. I was the pasty white guy with the giant red blotch on my side and stomach.

I've never been allowed to apply sunscreen myself since.

Karen said...

I learned my lesson with sunscreen over the years. I go tanning a month or so before summer starts just to avoid any burning when I get out in the actual sun.

And sorry!