Thursday, June 4, 2009

On the Catwalk

Since I was on the topic of shopping yesterday I wanted to talk about something related. I love dresses. I love looking at them, trying them on, and even buying a couple. I love how you just throw one piece on and your dressed. I love how you can feel confident and sexy wearing one.

However, I NEVER wear them unless I’m going to a wedding or something equally formal. I want to become the kind of person who can wear dresses when they go out or even to go to work.

I see women of all shapes and sizes wear dresses and they look amazing. Confident, stylish, and they look comfortable. When I wear a dress?? I feel awkward, over dressed and out of place. I have a couple of dresses that are begging to be used and I just can’t get myself to wear them.

Why can other women wear dresses to the same places I’m going but I feel like a tool when I wear a dress? The only time I wear a dress is when I go to the beach and it’s a cover-up. It’s just so comfortable and easy to slip on. I want to be able to do that in other circumstances.

Maybe that could be my next test. Wearing a dress out to a bar one night.

Do you wear dresses or do they make you feel awkward too?

How do you wear them and not feel out of place?


Karen said...

I don't wear dresses very often because I find that separate are better for covering my enormous behind. I am not really comfortable in a dress - when it comes to sitting and bending over and dancing and such. And dresses require spanx and freshly shaven, semi-tanned, non-ashy legs. And normally heals. I am pretty much past the age where I am regularly wearing heals out to a bar. I will thrown on a cute pair of wedges or flats or my Vans and be much happier than if I am in heals.

LOL. You wear the dress and look hot. I will stick to my jeans be comfy!

Rachel said...

I have the same problem with feeling awkward and out of place when I wear dresses (and skirts too, I think) I don't have any suggestions, but I just bought some cute dresses and so I'm going to practice by wearing one this weekend in the hope that I can get comfortable enough in them so that I can wear them to work too.

magda said...

You know, I've only recently become a dress girl. I think it's mostly an outlook thing; I've always loved dresses, and I wore them all the time when I was little. I'm big on skirts for work, but it's really only been since about the fall of this year that I've gotten really comfortable wearing dresses out and about. I found a totally adorable dress on sale one time, and had to have it; I wore it one day to work and it just felt so good. It was weird at first, but now it's comfortable. Try it sometime, maybe on a quiet day or when not much is going on. Dresses are just so perfectly feminine, I love it.

erin - heart in ireland said...

I always wear skirts, but rarely dresses. I want to get some cute sundresses for the summer and wear them with cardigans. I'll occasionally wear a dress out to the bar. I think you just need to bite the bullet and just start wearing them. And if you think people will be wondering why is she wearing a dress, (I know I always think the same) people really don't care and it is just you freaking out!