Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

In a few weeks I will be going to Jamaica!! While I really couldn’t be more excited, there is one thing that I have been freaking out about.


I HATE layovers and usually do everything in my power to avoid them at all costs. I’m the person who doesn’t mind spending extra money if it means having a direct flight. Unfortunately for this trip there are very few direct flights to Jamaica and the ones that were available were just too much money.

So now I will have an 1 and a half layover going there and a 3 and a half one coming home. Ugh. The good news is that I will have some company to help pass the time. It’s not so much the waiting that I mind, it’s that I have a huge fear of my luggage being lost or not making the plane.

I know that it probably won’t happen but here’s the thing. It’s happened to me before. The ONE other layover I’ve ever done and my luggage was left behind. I was coming home from studying abroad and I had a quick 45-minute layover in Dublin. When I was booking it I was so excited that it was only 45 minutes.

Little did I know though that 45 minutes is not enough time when you have to recheck in (again), go through security (again) and run across an entire airport. I running like that scene in Home Alone. Also when I got to the gate the flight attendant and a guard was waiting for me and yelled at me for being so late! It was so creepy because they new my name before I even showed my ticket. I guess when you check in and don’t board a plane a whole bunch of security measures have to be taken to make sure I wasn’t some crazy person trying to bomb a plane. Good Times.

Anyway I finally made it and was happy to be one my way. When I finally arrived to my destination I went happily to retrieve my luggage. After 30 minutes and no more bags left on the carousel I realized that my bags didn’t make it. 45 minutes is also not enough time for luggage to be transferred from plane to plane.

It took 3 days before I finally got them back! Since I was traveling internationally my luggage was detained and completely ransacked by customs. After that whole experience I pretty much vowed to never again do a layover.

Here I am 3 years later and I have to do a layover. Also I just found out that the airline now charges for checking luggage. WTF. I can understand charging for a second bag but the first one?? That’s just wrong.

Now I’m seriously considering trying to carry on. It would give me piece of mind about not losing anything and also I won’t have to pay an extra fee. However I am the worst packer ever! I’m the girl that packs enough clothes for a month for only a week trip.

Which is why I’m asking you for some packing tips!! I’m desperate! Or would you check your bags and hope for the best?


Karen said...

Having your luggage "lost" is not really a huge deal when you are returning from a trip. Big deal if it takes a few extra days when you are home and have other clothes and stuff. It is on the way there that I would worry. And I know you had bad luck, but a layover is not a huge deal. People do them every single day.

Good luck trying to carry on. Like you, I tend to over pack so there is no way I could do that for a week. Heck my shoes alone would fill a carry on!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I have had my bags lost a few times and it's a pain. I would carry on as much as possible so if your bag does get lost, you'll still be able to enjoy your trip.

erin - heart in ireland said...

I'm a pro at carry on packing! I hated paying the ridiculous fees while in Europe, so I learned how to pack everything I needed into my little bag.

Bring everything you need to mix and match and you have to wear a few things twice. The only thing I hate it usually not having enough room for a hairdryer and the little 3oz rule!

I've been lucky with all my travels though never to have lost luggage.

Glad you had a good weekend last weekend with your friends :)