Monday, August 10, 2009

Passing the time

When work is slow and I’ve checked my e-mail about 50 times I have to get creative in ways to pass the time. My new favorite is looking for an apartment on Craigslist.

Looking for an apartment is entertaining and horrifying all at the same time. Seriously some of these people are CRAZY.

Some of them are crazy but in a normalish way. Like if they have a huge list of things you have to be and do if you want to live there. IE, non-smoker, neat freak, spilt chores, etc.

Others, are just plain scary.

One man was a nudist who wanted to live with a fellow nudist. You would SHARE a bedroom with him (??) but nothing sexual would happen if you didn’t want it to. Dude, you are sharing a bed, obviously you want to do something with them. Then he stated that if you were to walk in on him pleasuring himself in the kitchen (why there?) he wouldn’t mind if you watched and/or joined in. WTF. Does that not sound like a crazy psycho or what?

I wonder if anyone actually replies to ads like that? Anyway it is amusing and passes the time.

The only downside is sometimes I read a listing and it sounds PERFECT for me to live there. The person sounds normal maybe even fun, the rent is reasonable and the pictures are gorgeous. Then I get upset because I’m not ready to move out yet.

I really want a new job before I move out.

Although the more I look at these listings the more I think that maybe come October/November if I don’t have a new job to just take the plunge and move out.

I’m not going to plan ahead that far. I’m just going to take things one step at a time and hopefully everything will work itself out!

Do you every browse Craiglist or any other type of website? What kind of crazies have you run into?

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magda said...

craigslist can be totally creepy ... but totally hilarious all at once. I haven't spent much time on that site in years, but man, these stories are hilarious! I may have to check it out again sometime, just for a laugh : )