Tuesday, October 27, 2009


  • I totally failed with the no online shopping this month. I slipped and ended up buying a bunch of clothes from this one site that was having an insane sale. I saved so much that I don’t even feel guilty!
  • All in all though I consider this a success because compared to the previous months were I was buying things at least once a week, only buying once this month is a great improvement!
  • I decided to throw my mom a little party for her 60th birthday. I know she didn’t want a big thing, but so many people reached out to me, wanting to do something special for her, so I am throwing a little dinner at our house.
  • I thought it would be easy, call a couple of people and get some food catered but it’s a lot more work. Also getting food catered is freaking expensive. I would rather have it potluck style but I feel bad asking people to cook. I’ll probably just suck it up and order the food. You only turn 60 once right?
  • I’m still in a bit of a funk but I’m slowing pulling myself out of it.
  • My knee is still hurting me!!! I’m going to the doctor in two weeks from today. Hopefully I will finally get some answers!
  • Still on the hunt with finding my mom an outfit to wear to my brother’s wedding party. It’s not going well. She is obsessed with this one thing we found at a bridal store. They didn’t have her size, and they couldn’t order it. So now she wants me to find it elsewhere. I’ve tried but I can’t find it ANYWHERE and I’m the queen of finding clothes online. I even called the manufacturer of the brand to see if I could order it but it couldn’t be done because they only do bulk orders! I hope she realizes that we will have to find something else!


Karen said...

I figured out from throwning the party for my gram back in August that parties are expensive. For me the catering wasn't really bad - it was under $500. But everything else was insane.

As for mom's outfit, can you have something similar made? I did that few times. Bought what wasn't my size and brought to a dressmaker who made me the something pretty exact. And the return the original.

Cate O'Malley said...

Don't feel bad if you ask people to bring something - potlucks are fun! Years ago, any time we had a dinner party, the guests always offer to bring something and I always said no, I have it under control. But then I started to let them ... a salad, a loaf of bread, wine, whatever. Why not? Relieves the stress a little bit from me and they like to contribute. Maybe add a spin, like they should bringing their favorite comfort food, or childhood favorite or something.