Monday, October 12, 2009

R & R

Things at work are finally back to normal. This means more time for me to blog!

This past weekend was really nice and relaxing.

Friday night I went to see my brother coach the local high school football game. He is an assistant coach and I know most of the other guys coaching too. I forgot how crazy these games are. There were tons of people and everyone was just so fired up! It was a lot of fun and defiantly brought back memories of when I used to go to the games. Also my bro’s team won and it was a great game. Not boring as some can get.

Saturday was pretty low key. My knee is still really hurting me so I needed to give it some much needed rest. I just caught up on my DVR which was overflowing with shows.

That night I went to a friend’s house and just hung out, watched a movie and drank some wine. It was pretty delightful. Sometimes it’s good to just lay low and not go out and get crazy.

By the way I suggest the movie Amelie. It was so cute. I think I might actually buy it!

I think the rest helped my knee out a lot. I really hope it will get better soon. I’m delaying making an appointment with the Dr. because I’m so scared that something is wrong. If I don’t feel better by next week I will call.

How was your weekend?


Karen said...

My weekend was great. I am going to a movie this afternoon and I feel like it is still the weekend.

Anonymous said...

My weekend was very nice and low key as well.

I want to watch Amelie again now that you mention it :)

I hope your knee feels better soon!

erin - heart in ireland said...

Yea, High School games can get crazy!

I love the lying low nights :) Hope the knee feels better!