Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuck in a funk

I've fallen into a bit of a funk. I feel as though I have nothing to say right now. It may just be writer's block but who knows.

My knee is slightly better than last week but is still hurting. I decided I'm just going to wait til Nov. 10th to see my doctor about it. I really hope/wish that it will be better by then and I won't have to go at all. Fingers crossed!

This past weekend I went with my mom to help her find an outfit for my brother's wedding reception. Since they are already married and everyone knows they are just having a party. No ceremony. It's going to be pretty laid back dress wise because of this but my mom is treating it like it's going to be a black tie affair. She's looking at all these foofy dresses and won't consider scaling back a little. I mean some of the dresses she tried on looked like she was going to the prom!

I just know that if she is really over dressed she will feel uncomfortable but she doesn't want to listen. Also my mother hasn't worn a dress in over 20 years. Literally. I'm trying to persuade her to wear just a nice pantsuit so she will feel comfortable and look more appropriate. We'll see what she ends up with.

Other than that I'm stuck with what to say or even do. I've been pretty stagnant lately.

Ugh I hate when I get like this.

Hopefully soon I will snap of it!!


Rachel said...

I hear you on "being in a funk." I think it's worse in some ways then having something tangible wrong, because at least that you can fix (most of the time)

Hope it ends soon!

Karen said...

I think your mom just wants to celebrate her son's marriage. I know it is trendy to do a private or destination wedding, but that denies the family from having the wedding they dreamed of for their kids. Dad doesn't get to walk his daughter down the aisle...Mom doesn't get to wear the fancy Mother-of-the-groom dress and beam with pride...sibilings don't get to give best man speeches.

I bet your mom is just trying to hold on to a little bit of what she envisioned. Of course, I don't know for sure...that is just must take on things. ;-)

erin - heart in ireland said...

hugs :)

being in a funk is the worst!