Monday, December 7, 2009

busy busy busy

The next few weeks will be super busy for me. This weekend will be the calm before the storm.

In two weeks is my brother’s wedding reception. I am driving down on Friday. I’m going to make a stop in Maryland to drop off my best friend and hang out with her and her boyfriend before going all the way into Virginia and to the hotel.

Saturday is the wedding which will be filled with bunch of pictures and running around like crazy before the party begins. I’m so excited for this wedding!! The only thing I’m not so excited is I’m sitting at a “kids” table. Instead of sitting with the people my age and who would be a lot of fun, I will be sitting with my younger cousins. It was the only way my mom could make all the tables work. It’ll still be a good time though so I’m not that upset

Sunday I will be making my way to Baltimore before going home. I haven’t seen my friends from college since June. It’s defiantly past due for me to visit them. Even if it’s for a few hours.

After that weekend I work for a few days and then it’s the holidays! I took off from work from Christmas Eve til after New Years. I will be all over the place that week. I meant these days off to be relaxing but it looks like I’ll be going non-stop. Which is fine, I’m sure I’ll be able to relax a little bit. Plus I get antsy if I sit still for too long.

The only thing I’m really about being so busy is that the holidays are just going to fly by. I really want to be able to sit back and just enjoy them. Like this past weekend I finally got around to decorating the Christmas tree. I put on some music and just danced around while decorating. It was so much fun and really put me into the Christmas spirit!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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